(First) Father’s Day

Sunday was an absolutely phenomenal day. The weather was fabulous, the trade winds were awesome (which is soooo important when you don’t have AC!), and we ended our very laid back day with great friends and delicious food.

Even though baby isn’t here yet, I wanted Brinton’s first father’s day to be special. I spent a good few hours working on his gift: a matching bow-tie set for him and baby boy. I was so excited about it that it was hard to wait until father’s day to give it to him!

Regular bow-tie for dad, snap on bow-tie onesie for baby!


After church we enjoyed a nice Sunday nap, and after spending the afternoon around the house we headed out to have dinner with our friends Abi and Mark at their place. The food was de-licious. Grilled burgers and wings, hand dipped onion rings, and fresh corn. In moderation, it wasn’t even that bad for my diet either! Double win!


I’m salivating just thinking about how amazing this was.

After dinner, Abi taught us how to play the card came “Golf”, and after a mediocre start to being in last place, I ended the game with literally the best hand you can get and finished in second.


This game is super fun! It’s my new go to game and I’m really looking forward to getting to play it again soon.

I’m really glad we had such a wonderful day!

What did you do to celebrate?


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