Three Years, One Month

This week has been kind of a rough week for me. I’ve been having a hard time for the past few days, and along with the blues has come the “I don’t feel like doing anything, including blogging” feeling. I kind of abandoned my blog schedule, the dishes, laundry, and meal planning, which I think has ended stressing me out more…but I know most of you know the feeling that I’m talking about. When it strikes, it is kind of hard to get going again.

Lucky for me, I have an amazing husband. My husband is such a good man. I really do feel like I am the luckiest person in the whole world to be able to have fallen in love with my best friend. He is the most caring, selfless, genuine person that I know. I am so grateful for the way that he lifts me up and supports me no matter what we are going through, and I am thankful for the example of service he is to me and will be to our children. This man is not only ever willing to help other people, but he drops everything to do so, whether he is asked or not. Brinton, you are a wonderful person, and I love you beyond what my vocabulary can express.

We were married June 18, 2010, which makes our 3 year anniversary…last month. See how I’m not on top of things? This year we are watching our budgets pretty closely as we wait for baby to arrive, so we weren’t able to give each other gifts, or a vacation weekend to another island as we had hoped to do, but we were able to go out to a nice dinner and see one of our favorite comedians, Brian Regan. Wer had a fantastic anniversary, but suddenly it was July already and I realized I hadn’t blogged about it as I had wanted to. So, here is to today, my love. Happy three years and one month of wedded bliss! I feel both honored and blessed that I get to share eternity with you.

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday’s Letters, I didn’t realize it had been so long since we saw each other. Good to sit down and write you out again!

Dear back, I don’t understand how you can possibly ache so much just in one tiny place. I realize you are carrying a bigger load than you are used to, but can you please stop throbbing for just one day?

Dear weekend, I am so excited that you are here! Three days off from work AND an ultrasound at our next appointment so I can see our baby boy again…I am beyond excited!

Dear messy bedroom, I know I need to finish organizing you. Really…I know. If I can will myself to not make a pit-stop on the couch after I’m finished writing this, I’ll take care of you tonight. Otherwise…maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

Dear cobb salad and tomato basil bisque soup with warm pita bread, you are delicious and diabetic friendly. I love you. Please go steady with me. (Does anyone still use the phrase go steady anymore?)

Dear baby gear, I know I haven’t purchased you yet, but I am waiting for my baby shower to see what I’ll still need. (Sidenote, dear baby…please don’t come early…I don’t have anything for you yet, and my baby shower is still a few weeks out.)

Dear blog, WHAT SHOULD I NAME YOU? Trying to come up with a domain and overall blog name has been super hard for me and I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. And then I think…if I can’t even commit to naming my blog, how am I ever going to find a name for this baby boy of ours?! I don’t really use twitter yet, but I feel like an #indecisivepeopleproblems would be appropriate here.

Dear husband, I love you. Thank you for working so hard and still making time to help me out around the house and rub my back at the end of the day. You’re a sweetheart. Thank you too for always making me laugh and being silly with me. I think these pictures from last summer pretty much sum up why we are awesome.

Me and Brinton silly face collage

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Random Wednesday: No Right on Red?


I don’t know about y’all, but this sign amuses me almost every time I see it. I wouldn’t say I am an experienced traveler by any means, but I have taken my fair share of road-trips around the USA, and Hawaii is the only place I have ever seen this sign. I just think it’s so silly! Unless a sign blatantly says “No Right Turn,” isn’t the general rule that as long as you stop first you can go? I just feel like it’s common sense and this sign is so unnecessary. Our first few weeks here in Hawaii we were driving our rental car around while we were looking for a place to live and almost every single time I would yell at Brinton, “No! You can’t turn here!” and then realize that yes, in fact, he could. Funny enough, when Brinton’s parent’s came to visit us last December, they did the same thing as we were driving around town…”You weren’t supposed to turn there!” And we would respond in chorus…”Yes we can…” Haha. It’s such a silly, silly sign.

One of my favorite segments on the Ellen show is her “What’s wrong with these signs?” clip. In the interest of being amused…are there any ridiculous signs (road-sign or other) around your neighborhood that make you laugh? Let me know!

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Baby Bump: Week 32


Week 32! A few weeks ago I started going through the nesting phase of pregnancy and was super gung-ho about cleaning and organizing everything in my house…sometimes until the wee hours of the morning when I definitely should have been sleeping instead. The crazy organizer in me was subdued for the past few weeks, but the fire was rekindled this past weekend when I realized how soon baby was going to be here. We finally (mostly) finished putting together our online registry–amazon makes everything so easy!–and when I realized all of the things we don’t have yet compared to how much space our tiny apartment has to offer, I knew we had to do some serious sorting, cleaning, and downsizing to make it all work. So, like I said in my last post, this weekend we began to tackle one project at a time, starting with our closet. Today after blogging but before work I am going to sort through all of the baby clothes people have generously been giving us, and then tomorrow I am going to take all of our clothes and the unusable baby clothes to be donated. Sidenote: I cleaned out my closet probably about 10 months ago and have had 2 bags of clothing sitting and waiting to be donated…why are they still in my house? I don’t know. We live like six blocks from a goodwill and go to church every week. You would think I’d have taken care of it by now…but nope. It’s shameful, I know.

Anyway…pregnancy update: My back is killing me. It’s always in the same spot, and it’s up a lot higher than I would have expected it. I have almost no lower back pain, but the right side of my back kind of in the middle (almost bra strap level) aches like crazy. We just got one of those roller ball massage things, which helps a little, but not as much as I would like it to. I tried one of those maternity belts I mentioned a few weeks back to see if maybe that would help, but the two days I wore it my sciatic pain came back full force. I don’t know about you, but I would take an aching muscle over sciatic pain any day. So, off the belt came, and back to the store it will go. I’m sure they work wonders for some people…but this one at least did not work at all for me. This week too baby’s movements have become a bit more…forceful, might I say? Sometimes when he moves I’ll get a sharp, quick pain, and sometimes when he decides it is soccer time his movements will kind of stop me in my tracks. My OB says it’s completely normal though as he starts to drop and orient himself as he needs to. Other than that, my belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Brinton and I look at each other sometimes and wonder how much bigger I am really going to be able to stretch with 8 weeks left to go! I guess we will see…

Diabetes update: Since I have started testing my blood sugar my results have been fantastic. I have to email my weekly results every Sunday night to the nurse with the Sweeter Choice Program who monitors the GD patients, and each week she has said that my numbers look perfect, which is really encouraging. The nurse even told me that I am doing so well that I don’t have to do the testing as often if I prefer not to. I was having to test 4 times per day, every day, but now I only have to test 2 times per day Monday through Thursday, and the regular 4 times per day Friday through Sunday. I still need to take my fasting levels every morning, and then I just need one other after meal test sometime during the day. Over the last few weeks I have started to learn what kinds of foods (and how much of them) will make my blood sugar spike and what meals will work just fine for me, so it’s nice that I don’t have to prick my finger each and every time when I know my levels are within range. I’ve even figured out how to indulge in some of my pregnancy cravings (burgers and fries are pretty much guaranteed to make me happy), I’ve just had to change the portion size and be aware of what I’m eating. For example, Brinton and I decided to treat ourselves to Wendy’s this weekend, and this is what our tray looked like:


We laughed pretty hard, because it really looked like someone had shrunken his meal down a few sizes for me…like a daddy burger and a baby burger! Portion control isn’t ever something I’ve been mindful of before; I never really needed to be. Plus, I’m Italian…the entire culture revolves around eating, and eating, and eating…and then eating some more. I’m grateful that I’m required to be aware of it now because in the long run I think it will come in quite handy as I try to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight postpartum, and it will help me establish a healthier lifestyle for my kids. My only struggles this week have been trying to find meals that are filling enough. I haven’t done the best job menu planning…I plan out my carbs, but then sometimes I max out on what I can have then struggle to find “free foods”–protein, cheese, veggies–to finish filling me up. I have a few more recipes I have stumbled upon which have been really good though, so I’ll be sure to post them over the next few weeks.

And there you have it folks! 32 weeks pregnant and still loving every minute of it, aches, pains, and kicks included.

Fourth of July and other weekend randomness

We are only one week into July and I feel like I am already playing catch up! We were super busy this last week, but we still tried to make time for some fun stuff. Brinton and I both had to work all day on the 4th (which I was super bummed about because it was a beautiful day here in Hawaii!), but we were at least able to join our friends in the evening for some food and fireworks at Ala Moana.  We had such a great evening though that it didn’t really matter that we had both worked all day long!

Fourth of July CollageAnd let’s not forget the festive nails!

This nail design is all over Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try. I love how it turned out!

This nail design is all over Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try. I love how it turned out!

Confession: these were actually my Memorial Day nails. I did the same exact thing for the 4th, except I did my ring finger with red and blue polka dots instead of the stripes and heart. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture!

The rest of the weekend we took to try and get stuff done around the house. On Saturday I very suddenly felt that we had a lot of stuff. Does anyone else know what I mean? We are working right now on sorting through all of that so we can get rid of the clutter and have everything organized for when baby comes. It’s definitely a process, but I really love that “ahh, it’s clean and everything has its place” feeling, ya know?

I’m probably going to do a more organized home post when we finish this project, but I did want to share one more photo. Brinton and I tackled cleaning out our closet yesterday, and I absolutely love the way that he has reorganized his ties.


It should be noted that this boy has a ridiculous number of ties…this isn’t even all of them! Before his mission he was trying to build a collection of one tie for every day of the year…but luckily I think he has since given up on that. Zip ties are on the right, regular ties on the left.

Haha, I am sure he is going to think I am a complete weirdo for loving this so much that I shared it on my blog…but I think it’s brilliant. It looks so nice! I should have taken a before and after shot of the whole closet, but did I? Nope. Oh well. The closet got clean. That’s all that matters!

I’m hoping to stay more on top of things on the blog this week. I have most mornings off and I’m closing instead for the next few days, so hopefully that means I can get quite a bit done before work. And I promise, week 32 baby update and picture coming soon!

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