Favorite Baby Items (10 Months)

I have a few legitimate favorite things this month! Most of Evan’s very favorite things are still not baby items–currently cardboard boxes are super high on his list–but there are a few things that I wanted to share with you. I’m gonna dive right in and keep it short and sweet because I still have a dinner to cook and laundry to do. Here we go!

10 months favorites collage


Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Daily Moisture Lotion
This one is a dual favorite. A few months ago Evan had a really dry, rough patch of skin on his back. I didn’t really think it was eczema, but I definitely didn’t want him dealing with whatever it was, so I asked his pediatrician what we could do for it. He said it was likely the beginnings of  mild case of eczema and recommended a good moisturizer every day after his bath (which honestly I had seriously been slacking on) to try and keep it under control. I went to Target and picked up the Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Daily Moisture Lotion mostly because I had seen pretty good reviews online and it was on sale, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. Alone, it worked well, but when I started using the Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Soothing Relief Creamy Wash (geez that’s a long name…) his skin went back to being baby soft and smooth. I had the wash since the end of last year and just never used it because it didn’t seem to lather quite as much as I preferred, but now I only use that. It is so soft on the skin, it does get a good lather if you work it in your hands first, and it rinses clean without any kind of residue feeling. All things that I like…and it cleared up our skin issue! Yay!

Munchkin Snack Tower
Evan got this as a gift from one of our friends, and we use it all the time. It is so convenient to have his snacks in compact containers that I know wont just accidentally pop open and create a mess everywhere! His snacks stay fresh without getting stale, I can stack as many as I need together and take them with us, and the pieces come apart easily (but not so easily that it defeats the purpose) so I can clean them. Evan likes to carry it by the handle on top too. Baby and mom approved!

Oball Rattle and Roll Car
Okay so I wrote about loving the Oball rattle last month…and we have a new Oball favorite. One of Evan’s friends had this car, and when Evan saw it he went nuts. He loved it! It was so cute watching him zoom it around the floor while he was crawling after it. We happened to be at Target later that night and saw one on sale…so we scooped it up and Evan was a very happy camper. Oball is becoming one of our favorite baby brands.

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard
This one is more of a mommy favorite than a baby favorite. The Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Portable Playard was just released at the beginning of the month and we bought one the day after it came out. With our apartment being so small we have limited storage options, so it is hard to be able to baby proof everything as we really should. This play yard is great because it is big enough that Evan can crawl around and play (safely!) but small enough that it doesn’t take up all of our floor space. Most of the time I’ll hop in there with him and we will play together because I don’t want him to think he’s in a cage or something, but it is nice to be able to get up and go to the bathroom without having to pee at lightning speed and race back into the room to make sure he hasn’t gotten into trouble. Know what I mean, moms and dads? I know you do. Anyway, this one is particularly nice because it folds up super compact and is really lightweight, so it is easy to transport too. We have taken ours camping, to fourth of July fireworks, and to the beach. It works great and is so convenient! They are making a canopy for it as well, but I don’t think it is out yet.

Baby Mum Mums
These rice husks are fantastic. I know I probably give Evan too many carb loaded snacks, but I love these ones because he can hold them himself and it is helping him learn how to take reasonable sized bites out of things. He loves the independence of eating them all on his own, and I love a snack that tastes good and helps him learn how to eat. They are super inexpensive at Walmart, which is awesome, and they come in a few flavors. We prefer the veggie ones. How much veggie stuff is actually in them…I don’t know…but enough that they can market it as such, so I’m cool with that.

Perfect timing! I put dinner in the oven just as I started writing this and it just beeped that it’s ready. I’ll share the recipe for what I made tomorrow!


Favorite Baby Items (9 Months)

I have been trying to pay close attention all month to see if any new baby favorites have popped up, and I have to say, for the most part things have stayed the same. If I were being honest with you, our list of nine month old baby favorites would look like this:

Shoes. The fan. Power strips. Wires to anything. Doorstops. Doors. Drawers. The shower curtain. Measuring cups. Paper. More paper. Daddy’s bike. Daddy’s bike helmet. Mommy’s purse. Every single thing in mommy’s purse (which ironically is no longer fun once it isn’t in mom’s purse anymore). Diapers. Lotion bottles. Pieces of fuzz. Hair, both still attached to people’s heads and strands he finds on the carpet. Boxes. Pictures of babies. The faucet in the tub. The trash can. Everything in the trash can. Cell phones. Pens. The remote control. Water bottles. Wipes. Anything that crinkles. Belts. Anything with a tag (still). The Ergo carrier–when he isn’t in it, of course. Glasses. Earrings. Necklaces. Rings. Zippers. Velcro. Weights. Binder clips. The hole puncher. A ruler. Socks (not his socks, our socks).

I think you’re getting the idea.

I do have a few items that are actually for babies that we liked too! But just a few. His real favorites are things he isn’t supposed to have.

Summer Infant Bibbity Bib
I love this thing. The scoop design is awesome because not only does it catch most of the food that Evan drops while he is eating, but when we are out and about I use it as a “bowl” of sorts and put his puffs directly in it. He is happy as a clam just munchin’ away on them, and I am happy as a clam because I don’t have to sit there and hand him individual puff pieces. It has a little hook-like tab so he can’t rip it off (which is his favorite thing to do with his regular bibs), and that makes my life way easier. Plus, it’s silicone, which is amazing. I just wash it in the sink, dry it, and boom. Done. No mess, no hassle. And way less laundry.

Summer Infant Bibbity Bib

Photo via Summer Infant

Evan in bib

Photo from my husband’s instagram.

Squeaky Toys
Evan loves these. He still isn’t quite strong enough to make most of them squeak on their own, but he knows that they do, which seems to be enough for him. He has one little squeaky orange fishy that he will chew on until kingdom come–he loves it so much. I’m excited for when he realizes he is able to make it squeak himself. I have a feeling the cuteness of it will outweigh the amount the squeaking will drive me crazy. At least for a while, haha.

Oball Rattle
In the last few days Evan has learned how to roll/bounce a ball back and forth with me and Brinton. It is so adorable. We have a few that he likes to use including a soft foam ball and a golf ball, but this one is his favorite. He has loved this ball for a long time because he has been able to grab it so easily and the rattle noise has been fun for him. Since it is so easy for him to grip, he can really bounce this ball far! I love the bright fun color orange too. It comes in a ton of colors and is available at most major retailers. We got ours at Target.

Oball Rattle Orange

Photo via Toys’R’us

I’m pretty sure I mentioned books before in a previous baby favorites post, but they really are still his favorite things. When he is crawling around playing by himself, he will usually crawl over to his book case, take pretty much all of the books off of the shelf and thumb through them, turning page by page. It’s really cute, and it makes my heart happy to know that he already loves to learn.

Evan sitting with books

Photo from my Instagram.

I have the feeling I’m forgetting something that I was thinking of earlier, but oh well! If I remember, I’ll update the post. For now though, this is it!

Come back for my June (grown-up!) favorites on Monday!

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Favorite Baby Items (8 Months)

Our favorites this month have been mostly food related. And, honestly, most of Evan’s favorite things recently are all things he isn’t supposed to have. You know, things like remote controls, cell phones, daddy’s bicycle, board games, the trash can, cardboard boxes, paper, anything that makes a crinkle sound, the door-stop on the back of the door, and anything he can get his hands on so he can put it in his mouth. Exhausting, isn’t it? Excluding all of those items, here are some mom-approved things that Evan has been loving this last month.

Baby Puffs
Since Evan is all about being independent and feeding himself, these puffs have been a hit. He loves them, and sometimes I have to intervene as he tries to stuff four or five in his mouth at a time. I like them because they dissolve pretty quickly so I don’t have to be too worried about him choking on them, and they are great to help him learn how to chew and swallow larger pieces of food. They are also a really convenient snack on the go, and they are relatively healthy, so I don’t feel too bad about how much he likes them. I haven’t tried the Gerber brand, but we have tried the ones from Happy Family and Plum Organics. The Happy Family ones come in a much bigger container, but they kind of have a nothingness/cardboard after-taste. I prefer the Plum Organics ones because I think they taste way better…although I suppose they aren’t really supposed to be my snacks…

ImageBaby Food Puree Pouches
I really love these for Evan. He gobbles them up! He’s had to deal with a bit of a learning curve when figuring out how to eat them, but I think he has finally discovered that he can suck on the end and get the puree out that way. At first he was just trying to chew on the tip and wasn’t getting anything out…and that frustrated him a lot. He’s learning! I like them because they are super easy to take with me places, they are resealable (although we never have any left over to have to save for later), and they have great flavor combinations. Most of them have a nice balance of fruit and veggies too, which makes sneaking in those veggies that Evan doesn’t prefer a lot easier. The ones we have been using are the Mom to Mom brand from Safeway, but these pouches have become super popular so I’m sure your store has a local brand as well. In fact, I have even seen at home pouches that you can fill with your own puree and reuse, which I think is super cool. If I end up ordering some and trying them out, I’ll let you know how I like them.

I wrote about mirrors last month, but Evan still loves them! This kid just loves looking at himself.

Books with faces
Evan really loves to look at faces. He will literally giggle to himself when he sees smiling baby faces and then try to get as close to them as possible (sometimes he puts his face directly on the books) and babbles like crazy. He also loves stuffed animals that have smiling faces. We have a happy frog that is as big as he is that he really loves, and we also have a Charlie Brown doll that he always smiles at. The Charlie Brown doll actually looks a lot like him…and it too is almost as big as he is. Maybe he thinks it’s a friend? Haha I don’t know. I’m still trying to work on getting pictures of our family so I can create a board book of family-faces for him, but for now it’s more of an idea than it is a work in progress.

This Remote Control
As I racked my brain for anything else I could think of that really stood out as something Evan uses all the time, the only other thing I could think of was this remote for our fan. I usually only let him play with it if he has his pacifier in so he doesn’t try to eat it. Don’t worry…we always closely supervise him to make sure he doesn’t somehow figure out how to get to the batteries. He will sit and press the buttons, and every time he presses them he looks up at the fan to see if it worked. Every time he realizes that he is in fact controlling the fan, he has this look of pure joy on his face. It’s the little things, you know?

fan remote controlI have two main “wants” for this next month. To find a bib that will catch all of the food Evan drops while he is feeding himself (and preferably one he can’t rip off easily), and to find a play pen or something of the sort that will help keep him safely in one area but still give him room to move around and play. I saw on the Summer Infant facebook page that they are coming out with a new, lightweight, portable play yard that I am super excited about, so hopefully it will be at a reasonable price point and we can make that one work for us. Our apartment is so tiny that it is somewhat difficult to baby-proof. We have had to think of creative storage solutions for a lot of our things, and it would be so nice to have a safely guarded circle around Evan so I don’t have to be pulling him off of Brinton’s bike every three minutes. I’ll let you all know how that works out, and in the mean time I’m open to suggestions for a bib!


Favorite Baby Items (7 Months)

There are a few new things Evan has been loving (i.e. playing with and chewing on constantly) this last month. These posts are, in general, going to be pretty short and sweet, because let’s face it…he’s a baby. Like I said in the last one of these posts, give him anything with a tag and he’s good. (Seriously…what is it with tags and babies???)

Let’s just dive right in:

The Peek-a-Boo Panda by Melissa and Doug
When Evan got this for Christmas I never would have imagined the pure joy that would spread across his face when he is playing with it. I don’t know if it’s the blue eyes that catch his attention, or the cute little panda smile, but oh my goodness…this kid loves his panda. No matter what he is already playing with or even if he is whining or crying about something, if I pull this out and make the panda play peek-a-boo with him, he starts grinning from ear to ear. Sometimes he even starts laughing. It is adorable. Plus, the toy is small so if doesn’t take up a lot of shelf space (or bag space when I take it with me places) and it is pretty inexpensive. I’m excited to watch Evan figure out how to make the panda play peek-a-boo all on his own.


Photo via Melissa and Doug

Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher-Price
We purchased this bucket of blocks at Walmart for less than $10. Evan plays with this all the time. The blocks are great because they are structured so it is really easy for him to grasp (and chew!) them and pick them up. Placing the blocks in the correct space in the lid is way beyond him right now, but he loves taking all of the blocks out of the bucket. This entertains him for at least 30 minutes at a time, no joke. The blocks go in, the blocks come out, the blocks go in, the blocks come out. So. Much. Fun! They hold up well to teething, everything wipes clean really easily, and at the end of the day I can put everything back inside the bucket and put it on his toy shelf all nice and organized. The only thing I wish were a little better is the lid–it doesn’t click on at all–it just kind of rests on top. Honestly though I think Evan likes it better off anyway, haha.

Photo via Fisher-Price

Photo via Fisher-Price

Baby’s First Library: Animals, Numbers, ABC’s
These books are great because they are a durable board book that withstand the constant chewing of my little boy (teething means literally everything in his mouth…all day, all the time!) The pictures are big and bright, and he loves to flip the pages all by himself and “read” his books. He thinks it’s especially silly when I make the animal noises for him! We found ours at a local library book sale, but I think they are pretty inexpensive to buy. Right now we have just the animals, numbers, and ABC’s books, but apparently they make quite a few other titles as well. You can check them out on Amazon–I know they are available there for sure.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

When Evan sees himself in the mirror, he goes nuts. Smiling, laughing, shrieking, giving himself a high-five, and every now and then pressing his whole face up against his reflection as if he were giving himself a kiss. It’s so funny! He just loves catching a glimpse of his reflection. Sometimes I catch him starting to smile at himself in the window of the car before I open the door to put him in his car seat. So cute. The only problem is that most mirrors on things for babies/toddlers are totally distorted and all fun-house-like. Regardless, he loves to see himself. We haven’t bothered purchasing anything special; usually we just let him play in front of our closet doors which are mirrored floor to ceiling, and he has one toy from a tummy-time gym that has a mirror on it. But that’s about it.

Haha his little face is all elongated because it's such a cheap mirror, but he's just too adorable!

Haha his little face is all elongated because it’s such a cheap mirror, but he’s just too adorable!

That’s about it for this month! As was the case last month, I am not being compensated in any way to recommend these products–they are simply items that Evan really loved at 7 months old that I wanted to recommend to all you other moms and dads out there who might be looking for ideas!

Favorites for Mom and Baby: Top Picks for a Registry

Since I was still taking time off from blogging when I first had my baby, I wanted to go back and share some of my favorite things from when Evan was first born. As I have mentioned here several times before, our apartment here in Hawaii is pretty small. We tried to keep our baby gear pretty simple, but I did have a few things that I absolutely loved and made my life so much easier. Some of these things helped me keep my sanity as a new mom too!

All photos are linked to a website where you can learn more about the product or buy it directly. And no, none of this post is sponsored. These are my honest opinions!

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Carseat


Photo from Babies R Us

When we were looking for car seats, I was mostly inclined toward the Britax brand. Their seats are so nice! Before we could purchase one though, we had a family friend give us their Chicco car seat and we figured we were set. Less than two weeks before my due date, however, we went to get the car seat inspected and were told it was missing the infant inserts we needed. There wasn’t enough time to order just the inserts, so we decided it would be easiest just to buy the whole thing brand new. When we got to Babies R Us, they didn’t have the Britax car seat I originally wanted in stock, so I decided to look at the Chicco ones instead because I had heard awesome things about the Keyfit 30. I kind of liked they Keyfit 30, but I hated how small the canopy was. Then I saw the Keyfit 30 Magic and I was sold! The canopy is large, shades well, and my favorite feature–it zips open to expose a mesh panel to help with ventilation and air circulation. It’s perfect here in Hawaii! It also comes with a nice foot muff (which we haven’t ever had a need for, but I’m sure I would have loved if we lived somewhere cold). Plus, Chicco products are always highly rated, so I felt like Evan would be very safe in this car seat…which is the whole point!

Side note: I have used Graco car seats as well, and I do not like them. The one I used was a bit of an older model, but I really didn’t like the way the straps tightened and felt like the canopy was too small. My personal preference is for Chicco or Britax.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

This nursing pillow saved my life. Breastfeeding, at the beginning, was super hard. I sat up crying so many nights because I just couldn’t figure out how to help Evan latch on in a way that didn’t make me want to scream. It took a few months (and a few meetings with a lactation consultant) to figure out the latch issue, but this pillow helped me so much. For the first few weeks, I was borrowing my friend’s Boppy pillow, and though it helped, it wasn’t quite cutting it. The pillow would always somehow slide away from my body and Evan would slip down and roll into the crevice between the pillow and myself. When I finally got this pillow, I felt like Evan stayed in a much better and more supported position for breastfeeding. The flat surface helped him to stay where he needed to while still giving me support, and I loved how it wrapped around behind me too because it both prevented the pillow from sliding away and also supported my back as well. The snap closure was nice because I could quietly take off the pillow without waking Evan up if he had fallen asleep, and the pocket on the side was a convenient way to keep extra Lanolin cream, my nipple shield (for the short time I was using it to help with latching), and a burp cloth just in case I needed it. They also make a deluxe version of this pillow, but I found that the regular one worked just fine for me! I definitely recommend it–don’t go without a good nursing pillow!

Lansinoh Breast Pads

Photo from Lansinoh

Photo from Lansinoh

So…nursing breasts leak. There is just no way around it. I tried several different brands of breast pads, but I liked the Lansinoh brand the best. No nursing pad is attractive, but I found these ones to be super absorbent and discrete enough that I didn’t look like a teenager who stuffed her bra with tissues. They were also nice and soft, which is a godsend with cracked or sore nipples.

A close runner up were the Medela brand breast pads. Nice because they were slightly rounded, but sometimes they looked a little too pointed…if you know what I mean.

My Little SnugaMonkey Deluxe Bouncer

Photo from Fisher-Price

Photo from Fisher-Price

I think this was Evan’s favorite thing. I know a lot of people love swings for their baby, but because of our limited space we didn’t have the real estate for something so big. We figured the bouncer was a nice compromise, and someplace we could put Evan down that wasn’t his crib. At first he just kind of sat there, but in the early months it was nice and cozy and sometimes the only way we could get him to nap (he seemed to have a touch of reflux and I think the upright position helped him feel more comfortable). He also was completely enamored with the monkeys hanging over him, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to just stare intently and just smile at them all the time. As he got a little older and discovered that he could bounce…this kid went to town. Oh my goodness. He LOVED it. He would just bounce for what seemed like hours on end. This was by far our most used and best purchase that we made. Eventually when he started sitting up he would just try and lean over and play with the buttons and grab the monkeys, so sadly we retired it…but a bouncer has now become a staple on my baby needs list.

Oh, it also has nature sounds, music, and vibrations, but we didn’t really use them much. He did seem to like the nature sounds, but was pretty much indifferent to the vibrations and music. It was nice to have sometimes, though.

Soothie and Mam Pacifiers

Photos from Target

Photos from Target

Since I was dead set on breastfeeding and was already having a hard time with it, I decided to not give Evan a pacifier until he was a month old. When we did introduce a pacifier, we used the Soothie’s and he loved them. They didn’t cause any issue with his latch, which I was really happy about. He also really loved the WubbaNub pacifier that he got for Christmas. You should definitely check them out! It’s a small stuffed animal attached to the end of a Soothie pacifier. As he got older, probably around four months, we decided to try a few different brands, including Nuk, First Years Gumdrop pacifiers, and a few generic brands, but other than the Soothie, the only pacifier he liked was the Mam brand. These seemed to stay in his mouth the best and be the most satisfying for him, so we stuck with them.

SwaddleMe Blankets

Photo from Summer Infant

Photo from Summer Infant

For the first month and a half to two months, Evan positively hated being swaddled. Eventually it got to the point where he kept waking himself up and we decided to try the swaddle again. The first night we wrapped him up he slept for 10 hours straight. Needless to say, we were sold on the swaddle. Swaddling is truly an art-form, so I really appreciated these swaddling blankets because I really couldn’t do it wrong and it was always effective. Evan couldn’t really wiggle out, he was nice and cozy, and I didn’t have to worry that my poorly wrapped swaddle might unwrap in the middle of the night causing him to wake up and become a risk factor for SIDS. Eventually we stared swaddling him with one arm out, and then both, and now we just use a regular swaddle blanket to just give him a little feeling of familiarity and security. I recently realized that Summer Infant has wrap-sacks and wearable blankets too which I would love to try!

Moby Wrap

Photo from Moby Wrap

Photo from Moby Wrap

This was my favorite carrier from newborn to about 4 months. I didn’t have one until Evan was about a month and a half old, but I think I really would have loved this for when he was still all scrunched up and brand new. This wrap is super comfortable to wear and Evan always seemed to be nice and cozy when I carried him in it. It has a bit of a learning curve to it regarding how to tie it properly, but there are so many YouTube videos with easy to follow instructions that it didn’t take me long at all to master it. When I was considering a wrap (because Evan was still too small for the Ergo we received and we didn’t want to purchase the infant insert) I was also looking into the Baby K’tan, but I went with the Moby because it’s a one size fits all kind of deal (which means hubby and I could both use it), and the Baby K’tan is sized. I also chose the Moby over the K’tan because even though the K’tan was available in a mesh-like breathable fabric, reviews said that it tended to slip and not be as secure. I figured if I had to get the regular material anyway, I might as well go with the Moby and have my husband be able to use it as well.

I used my Moby carrier while travelling across the country (Hawaii to North Carolina and back) on all of my flights and it was so easy to use and so comfortable to sit in for that long. Evan was all snuggled up and barely made a peep the whole time! But more about flying with babies in another post…

Ergobaby Carrier

Photo from Ergobaby

Photo from Ergobaby

The Ergo has always been my husband’s favorite carrier (he could never really get the hang of the Moby, haha) and my go-to carrier from about 4 or 5 months on. I love it because it is so structured and really evenly distributes Evan’s weight, giving me lots of support while I carry him around. I prefer to carry him in front, but my husband has used it for both front and back carry and says it is really comfortable both ways. I really like the way it also supports Evan’s hips and how it cradles him so that he isn’t hunched over. It’s just a great carrier all around. Plus, it has a roomy zip pocket, a smaller slip pocket, and a snap up hood so I can cover Evan’s head if I’m trying to get him to nap (which, ps…works every time). Within the last week or so I heard that Ergobaby just came out with a new line of carriers which allow you to carry baby in 4 positions, if I’m not mistaken. They look really cool! I’ll probably look into them when it’s time for baby number two.

Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

We lucked out and got this from our neighbors when they were moving, so I didn’t realize that these are kind of pricey until I just looked it up to find the picture! There are a ton of tummy time mats out there, but what I liked about this one is that the purple attachment that holds it together at the top also rotates and makes the bars move back and forth. Evan really loved to watch the planets and stars move around, and eventually when he was big enough he enjoyed swatting and grabbing at the little plush characters. Parts of the floor mat are crinkle-y sounding (is crinkley not a word?) and Evan loved to discover which parts of the mat made noise and which didn’t. We got a ton of use out of it, and even now though we retired most of it, he still loves to play with the plush characters and the rubber star. We just detached them and added them to his toy bin. Hopefully we can keep them all together, but if not I’m sure we can eventually we can find another play gym when the need arises.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Amazon

As I mentioned before, Evan is exclusively breastfed, but I still wanted him to be able to take a bottle. About two weeks after his first pacifier (about 6 weeks old), we introduced a bottle, but used it only on occasion. Luckily, he didn’t have any issues switching back and forth between bottle and breast, which made it way easier on both of us when I unexpectedly had to return to work full time when he was 4 months old. To be honest, these were the only bottles we ever tried, but since Evan took to them like a champ I never felt any need to experiment with other brands. With the Tommee Tippees, he never had any issue with air bubbles or gas, and the bottle nipples caused no issue with his latch. There are several pieces to clean, but I feel like it’s worth it. Also, the bottles never leaked–even after being tossed around in my diaper bag. Awesome.

Honorable Mention Items
Babies mean burp cloths, and lots of them. My favorite ones were burp cloths that some friends made for me. Super soft and absorbent flannel was so nice to clean up both myself and baby, but also actually got the job done. All of the burp cloths I purchased were pretty much useless. If it’s pretty or cute and doesn’t soak up lots of spit-up milk…I have no use for it.

As far as diapers go, we preferred the Pampers Swaddlers when Evan was really little, but around the time that he graduated to size two diapers, we made the switch to Luvs. They worked just as well–if not better–and were less than half the price of the Pampers. It was a definite win/win situation. We tried Huggies when Evan was a newborn and they gave him a rash, so we never went back to them. We also tried the Pampers Baby Dry, which are supposedly very similar to Luvs, but I hated the chemical smell that they gave off every time he peed. For some reason they also had a tendency to leak. The Luvs have worked great for us. He has only really had one or two blowouts in them (which judging on the size of the blowout no diaper would have been able to contain it), and now that he is sleeping 12+ hours every night, occasionally they will leak. If anyone has any recommendations for awesome overnight diapers, I’d love to hear your suggestions!

I don’t really like my stroller. I ended up getting a Bugaboo Cameleon used off Craigslist because I found it for super cheap (for a Bugaboo, that is) and totally bought into the hype of the “name.” Well, I regret it. I wish I would have just taken the amount I paid for it used and invested in a brand new stroller of a different brand. The features I wanted were a large under-basket, able to accommodate a car seat, a large canopy, and a parent facing and outward facing seat. If I could repurchase, I would probably go with a Britax, Baby Jogger, or even the new Summer Infant strollers. Bugaboo just isn’t worth the hype. The under basket is huge, but really hard to access, the canopy is big, but doesn’t cover as far as I’d like (and it has no peekaboo window), and it is able to carry a car seat, but you have to have the somewhat bulky adapter. The only thing it does that I like it switch from parent to outward facing. Also, I find it to be really inconvenient that I have to break it down into two parts (three, if I’m using the car seat adapter) in order to fold it up and put it away. A two hand fold is hard enough, especially when you are trying to do it carrying a baby, but having to separate the parts first kills me. Plus, it is on the heavy side for strollers. All in all…I wouldn’t purchase again and certainly wouldn’t spend that ridiculous amount of money to buy it new.

Lastly, this one isn’t really an unfavorite, but rather…a lack of favorite. I never really found a baby bag that I liked. Mostly I have just ended up using different large purses that I already had. I did find a great Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, but it is a “weekender bag” or something like that and it is HUGE. It was awesome when I traveled and works fantastically for long day trips or for going to the beach, but as an every day bag it would be completely impractical. I really would love to find something that looks like a purse that is big enough to fit Evan’s things as well, that I could use both when I have him with me and when I don’t. If any of you have any awesome suggestions I am all ears!

Well, I think that about wraps it up! I clearly don’t know how to be concise, but oh well. I have a lot to say about the baby/mama things I love! If you know of products you think I (or Evan!) should try, let me know in the comments. I am always on the lookout for new things to make life just a little bit easier.

Thanks for being here!


Favorite Baby Items (6 months)

When I was creating my registry, I found it so helpful to read about what other moms loved and used all the time. Lucie’s List was my go to website when I needed a quick opinion about something. I’ve decided that now that I have a few months of mommy-hood under my belt I wanted to add my two cents about which products we love. Since I stopped blogging through the end of my pregnancy and Evan’s first few months, I will try to go back and do a recap post of newborn favorites and the items we got the most use out of for the first few months too. And if any of you have suggestions for favorite items that you love and think we should try, let me know in the comments!

Just a heads up: We pretty much rely on Amazon for a majority of our purchases, because sometimes finding things in Hawaii is really difficult, or when we find it the price is marked up so high that it is just as convenient to order it online. For that reason, all of the pictures will be linked to a website!

Here they are! Month 6 favorites:

Munchkin Spoons
These spoons are inexpensive but durable, and the tip is soft enough that I don’t have to worry about Evan hurting himself as he gets used to eating solid food. The bright colors attract his attention, and I feel comfortable letting him play with the spoon (supervised, of course) after he is done eating. We use the Munchkin bowls as well, but I kind of feels like bowls are bowls, you know? I’m sure I’ll start to feel differently when we let him start feeding himself, but we aren’t quite there yet. You can get these on Amazon if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, but they are sold pretty much everywhere including Walmart and Target.

Picture via Amazon

Picture via Amazon

Vtech Sliding Song Bead Maze
Oh my goodness. Evan could play with this for hours. My husband and I both have all of the songs memorized, and I find myself humming them throughout the day. It isn’t the most annoying children’s toy I have heard…but be warned that it may drive you crazy. That being said, Evan absolutely loves it. All of the different parts are interactive, and it lights up as well. We actually received this second hand from some friends who were moving to the mainland, but you can get it on Amazon, or I’m sure at your local toy store too.

Picture via Amazon

Picture via Amazon

Lamaze Discovery Shapes, Activity Puzzle and Crib Gallery
My in-laws got this for Evan for Christmas last year and he loves playing with it. I don’t like to keep anything in his crib because I want him to know that when he is in his crib it is time for sleep, but sometimes if I need just 10 minutes to shower and get dressed, I’ll tie this to the side of the crib and let him play. Right now his crib is the only place in our apartment where he can’t get into any kind of mischief, so this is the perfect distraction for him! He is so intrigued by the black and white pattern on the one side and thoroughly enjoys chewing on the animals that hang down. Some rattle, one squeaks, and they all are the perfect size for his tiny hands. Most of the time he is sitting up, playing with it in his lap in our main room, and I’m sure as he gets older he will figure out that it can be a puzzle too. Available from the Tomy website or at Toys R Us.

Photo via Amazon

Picture via Amazon

Dr. Seuss Board Books
I love the Dr. Seuss books (board books or not) because they are so colorful and have such a fun rhythm to them when you read them. The board books are super convenient though, because now that Evan has quite a grip I don’t have to worry about him getting too excited and ripping the pages out. Plus, I don’t mind if he ends up chewing on the corners–because board books are supposed to be well loved, right? Again, we found most of ours second hand from friends or community book fairs, but you can buy them at Target, Amazon, etc.

Photo via Target

Picture via Target

Anything with a tag
Seriously…anything. A blanket. Every toy. Stuffed animals. His bibs. Towels. His clothes. A tiny stuffed cow from Chick-fil-a that my mom gave us when we went home for Christmas. If it has a tag, he will find it, and he will chew on it until it is so soaking wet that you can ring it out. Apparently though chewing on tags is popular enough that someone had the brilliant idea to create “Taggies,” which are toys and blankets with tags all over them. Why was I not the person to come up with this?! We haven’t purchased anything like that–though I’m sure Evan would think he hit the tag jackpot, but really…anything and everything has a tag, so I’m not going to spend money buying tags. As a gift, that’s awesome! But its not on my priority list of purchases to make.

So, there you have it. Pretty much what I have learned during month 6 is that while it is important to have toys and things that help baby’s development, Evan will pretty much play with everything. We use a laundry basket in the bath now that he can sit up well (you have probably seen that idea on one of those “parenting hacks” websites that circulates through social media), and his favorite toys in the bath are a rattle and a cup. That free Chick-fil-a cow he has is his go to favorite, and he loves examining our toes. Bottom line: if you have the money to spend on baby toys, that’s awesome! Go for it! But if money is tight, find a few safe objects for baby to play with, and you will be golden. And if all else fails, find something with a tag.