January Favorite Things

I can’t believe January is over already! It really flew by, and I accomplished almost zero things that I wanted to. Haha, somehow that always happens. At least this year with being sick and working like crazy through most of the month I feel like I have a little bit of an excuse…but it isn’t really. Here is to renewing my motivation to get things done in February!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite things from January:

1. The return of season 3 of Pretty Little Liars.
(This is almost embarrassing for me to admit, but I literally watched all 2.5 seasons in December to catch up. I’m obsessed.)

Pretty Little Liars


2. Vera Bradley Birthday Sales
(I got this awesome cross-body for only $10!)

Vera Bradley Clare

3. My friend Kristen’s blog.
(She has been my opposite–completely productive–and actually done everything I wanted to do with my blog in January. I love reading it!)

kristen's notes blog picture

4. Pashmina Scarves
(So I live in Hawaii…I know it isn’t cold here, but I miss winter! Well…sometimes. When it gets down to chilly 72°, sometimes I like wearing these to church and pretending it is colder than it is. And then sometimes, I actually am chilly because I have acclimated to the 82° expectation of living in Hawaii!)


Happy January! I hope to see more of you all in February!

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Turn it up Tuesday!

Good morning all! Or, rather, good afternoon for most of you I suppose. It is strange living in a time zone that is behind most of the world. Anyway, I’ve decided that random Tuesdays in 2013 I am going to post a youtube video of an awesome song that I have been loving lately.

Today’s song is actually inspired by my husband because he has been absolutely loving this song lately and consequently I have it stuck in my head all the time. (But I don’t mind, because it is awesome!)

So, enjoy Pentatonix and their amazing music! Turn it up!

Happy 2013!


Photo credit: I totally just googled this…

Happy New Year! I’ve been gone from the blog for about three weeks, and I have felt horrible for not posting through the holidays. Things got pretty busy around here. First, my in-laws came to visit, then I seemed to be working non-stop, and as I semi-recently posted, I have been having a lot of computer issues with connecting to the internet. In my down time, I have been spending a lot of time with my husband and with our friends. I have been having a blast (except for this work thing, you know?) so I hope you all will accept my apologies for being absent for so long.

Honestly, I have been a bit disappointed with myself about blogging. I had all of these great ideas for things I wanted to post about the holiday season, about nails, delicious cookie recipes, and how to set realistic, achievable, but challenging goals for the new year. In fact, one of my goals for the new year is to blog consistently, about 4 times per week, if not more. The funny thing is, is that I didn’t plan ahead the way I should have, so I never quite got off on the right foot. Suddenly it was January 2nd, then 4th, and now today is the 6th, and I’m finally sitting down to write. So much for week one of the new year, right?

On that note, I wanted to write a bit of encouragement to anyone who might be reading who thinks that they already blew their whole new year. Just because something hasn’t started the way you want it to doesn’t mean that it is all over. You can still achieve everything you want to–just don’t give up!

I am usually the kind of person who likes to start new things on the first day of the week, or on day one of the month, or of course, at the new year. Something I have started to learn though is that it doesn’t matter when we start trying to better ourselves. It just matters that we start. So instead of calling this week a bust and getting all upset with myself for not being more persistent in setting and keeping goals, I’m just going to start now, today, this minute.

Feels good to take that deep breath of fresh air, doesn’t it?

What goals are you all setting for the new year?