Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday’s Letters, I didn’t realize it had been so long since we saw each other. Good to sit down and write you out again!

Dear back, I don’t understand how you can possibly ache so much just in one tiny place. I realize you are carrying a bigger load than you are used to, but can you please stop throbbing for just one day?

Dear weekend, I am so excited that you are here! Three days off from work AND an ultrasound at our next appointment so I can see our baby boy again…I am beyond excited!

Dear messy bedroom, I know I need to finish organizing you. Really…I know. If I can will myself to not make a pit-stop on the couch after I’m finished writing this, I’ll take care of you tonight. Otherwise…maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

Dear cobb salad and tomato basil bisque soup with warm pita bread, you are delicious and diabetic friendly. I love you. Please go steady with me. (Does anyone still use the phrase go steady anymore?)

Dear baby gear, I know I haven’t purchased you yet, but I am waiting for my baby shower to see what I’ll still need. (Sidenote, dear baby…please don’t come early…I don’t have anything for you yet, and my baby shower is still a few weeks out.)

Dear blog, WHAT SHOULD I NAME YOU? Trying to come up with a domain and overall blog name has been super hard for me and I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. And then I think…if I can’t even commit to naming my blog, how am I ever going to find a name for this baby boy of ours?! I don’t really use twitter yet, but I feel like an #indecisivepeopleproblems would be appropriate here.

Dear husband, I love you. Thank you for working so hard and still making time to help me out around the house and rub my back at the end of the day. You’re a sweetheart. Thank you too for always making me laugh and being silly with me. I think these pictures from last summer pretty much sum up why we are awesome.

Me and Brinton silly face collage

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Baby Boy, I promise we will find you a name before you are born! We have three-ish months left…it will happen! I never thought it would be so hard to decide. Meanwhile, please keep squirming around and dancing all the time as you have been–I absolutely love feeling you bounce around (although your daddy feels bad for you when you have the hiccups, haha)!

Dear sciatic nerve, stop it. Seriously.

Dear Abi’s lemon curd cheesecake, can you please get off my mind lately? I’m trying to eat healthy and not cave to cravings, but the thought of you makes it quite difficult.

Dear google calendar, thank you for helping me organize my life on the go, AND be able to color coordinate it as well. I still love having a written planner, but you make my life soooo much easier.

Dear apartment, haven’t you enjoyed being clean? Of course, as I sit and type this, you are in need of a ten (thirty?) minute tidy, but I think we both must agree that it has been quite nice around here lately. Let’s keep working on it, shall we?

Dear boss, I thought I mentioned this…but seeing as how I am seven months pregnant, can I please not be scheduled for 12 hour shifts? Even on regular days I am ready for a nap by four. I know we are short handed, but there’s gotta be something we can do about this. If I were a nurse or something, I could understand, but come on…I’m working retail.

Dear hiking, I really enjoyed last weekend. I hope to see more of you in the future. On the priority list you go!

On the way down from hiking Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

On the way down from hiking Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, We did it! You are finally here! I thought you would never come. Only 6 (or less!) short hours of work left until my weekend. Thank you so much for finally getting here.

Dear Weekend, Are you ready to be amazing?! Because I have been waiting for you for what seems like forever! Hopefully this weekend we can squeeze in that awesome make-up birthday date night with my husband too. Yay yay yay!

Dear waking up when my alarm actually goes off, Sorry. Maybe someday I won’t hit snooze.

Dear Laundry, Why is putting you away the hardest part? You would think once you are all done it would be so simple…so why are you still sitting on my chair?

Dear Blog, I am going to sit down this weekend and figure out how to spend more time with you. I promise we are going to end up being best friends. Seriously.

Dear French Fries, Have you always been this delicious, or am I falling in love all over again? I know you aren’t a meal, but I seriously could eat you like 10 times a day. Which is bad. And oh so good.

Dear Husband, Thank you for cleaning the house. And doing all of the dishes. And vacuuming. And wiping down the counters. And making it clean when I got home from my 11.5 hour day yesterday. You are amazing. Did I say something like this last week? Well…I can’t help it. You never cease to be wonderful to me. I love you.

me and brinton july 2012

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Friday’s Letters

Hawaii sunset Haiku Stairs

Dear Self,  See? I told you it was possible to be more diligent! February is off to a good start!

Dear Throat, I would really appreciate it if you stopped hurting already. I very much dislike feeling like I am swallowing knives. Ouch.

Dear Friday, you could not have come soon enough…this week has been a bummer.

Dear Birthday, we need to have a celebration do-over. Calling out sick from work and spending almost 3 hours in a doctor’s office is no way to celebrate turning 24.

Dear Next Weekend, Can you please, please, please get here already?! I have a feeling you are going to be awesome!

Dear Husband, as always, you are amazing. Thank you so much for always taking care of me.

Dear Hawaii, is it possible for you to be any more beautiful? You’re kind of amazing. (PS, this is a real life photo my husband took. Um, yeah…wow.)

Dear Sweet Season Blog, I love your blog. Linking up for the first time today! Woo!