Eighteen Months

Me and Evan

Look at that face. Oh my goodness. This little guy–ahem, big guy–turned 18 moths old yesterday. It blows my mind how quickly it happened. I can’t believe it has already been a year and a half since our sweet boy came into the world! This little boy lights up my life. I feel so lucky to be his mom. How do I have a toddler already?!

Evan loves running, climbing, “playing” basketball (or ball of any kind for that matter), dancing, pretending to talk on the phone, reading stories, going for walks, playing at the park, playing peek-a-boo, splashing in the bath (or the ocean!), building towers, making animal noises, giving high fives and “pounding it,” Curious George, giving hugs and kisses to mommy and daddy, playing with his friends, looking at the birds, and eating eating eating. He isn’t a picky eater at all, but he does tend to throw his milk and plate when he is finished eating (we’re working on it…any tips are welcomed). He is super energetic and loves to explore his surroundings, and especially loves being chased by mama. He knows around 50+ words and is a non-stop talker–haha seriously this kid talks my ear off. He is so smart, and I can already tell that he loves to learn. He also loves helping me around the house (some of his favorite things to help with are putting the socks away when we do laundry, wiping down his high chair tray after he eats, and putting away all of his toys). He is an awesome sleeper at night, and though he goes down easily during the day I wish he would nap for longer! He has twelve teeth and has been drooling a ton lately, so I have my eye out for those canines any time now. He seems to be growing like a weed–I finally moved him up to 2T clothing last week and you know me…I totally cried.

Evan has such a glowing personality and he is so much fun to be around. He has mastered the cheesy smile and when he looks at me with his little devilish grin he makes me go crazy and melt into a puddle all at the same time. Some days are hard–he is really getting the hang of temper tantrums–but every night after he goes to sleep I sit and look through pictures and watch videos of him and just want to go grab him and cuddle him. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be his mama.

I love you Evan. You’re getting to be such a big boy!

I’ll update this post with more pictures tomorrow!


One Year

It still blows my mind that my sweet baby boy is already one year old. I feel like it was just yesterday that he was a squishy little newborn and would cuddle up on my chest. I miss his milk-coma face! This year has flown by so quickly. Evan has become a whole little person with a big personality. I know it probably seems silly to say this, but I came to the realization a few weeks ago that my baby boy will only ever get bigger. Soon he will be walking and talking, and then he will be making friends and learning how to interact with others, going to school and learning, playing sports or doing theatre…and suddenly graduating and going off to live his life. I just know that if I blink too quickly it will all go by in a flash. He is still a baby of course, for now, but he is quickly becoming a toddler and every day I’m reminded that I am raising an independent and wonderful individual.

Now for some not so sappy stuff: Evan is so close to walking, but is still a bit too apprehensive to give it a go on his own. I can tell it wont be long though! He is already talking up a storm and as of his first birthday could already say six words including mama, dada, ball, quack, bye, and bird (although bird doesn’t really sound like bird yet…) and he has his own special names for a few other things. He has eight teeth, still almost no hair, and if he keeps growing at this rate he will be taller than I am by the time he’s eight. He absolutely loves to throw balls and read books, and bath time might just be his favorite time of day. He specializes in extremely wet kisses, crawling at the speed of light, and pulling every single book off of the bookshelf in less than a minute about twenty times a day. Sometimes he will just sit and giggle to himself, and though it makes me nervous to suddenly hear silence in the other room, nine times out of ten I walk into the room to see him reading. He thinks all cups are microphones and loves talking into them, and recently during meals has really enjoyed pretending to feed me and then eating it himself instead. He is a happy, silly, brilliant, and energetic little boy. I love him so much and I am so proud of him! I am in awe of him each and every day. Happy one year Evan Jay. You are my everything.

One Year Header 1One Year Header 2One Year 8One Year 11One Year Collage 1One Year Collage 2One Year Collage 3PS- This “one” onesie was a super easy DIY. I’ll be sure to post the details for you! When I do, I’ll link it here.


Eleven Months

My baby boy is eleven months old today which means I only have one month until he becomes a big boy! I don’t think I’m ready for that! Earlier this month I was thinking about my baby shower when I was opening gifts–I remember looking at some of the 9-12 month clothes and thinking it was such a long way away before we would need those outfits…now Evan has grown out of most of them. He keeps growing and changing so quickly! Today I had a total mom moment while Evan was playing–I was just so proud of him and so impressed with how smart he is that I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed. I know, I know…I’m going to be one of those moms who cries at everything.

This month Evan is getting four more teeth. I thought only three were coming in at once, but when I was brushing his teeth tonight I noticed the fourth one just below the surface. I think once his teeth all come in he is going to look like a completely different person! Evan is a speed crawler and a pretty decent cruiser, although he is still too apprehensive to try and stand solo or take a few steps. I’m totally fine with that though! Once he starts walking I know it wont be long before he takes off running, and I’m not quite ready to have to chase him everywhere yet!

Last month I talked about how we love to chase-crawl with each other, and now it has evolved into a new game of hide and seek. I’ll make a big deal about running away and “hiding” somewhere (usually half visible behind his play pen or something like that) and he will squeal and laugh and crawl after me as fast as he can until he finds me. When he finally gets to me the look on his face is absolutely priceless. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of doing something and he’s is playing by my feet, he will suddenly crawl away from me around the corner, giggling the whole time. If I don’t come find him right away, he’ll usually crawl back into the room so I can see him again, turn right back around, and take off one more time. When I do follow him into the other room, he has usually turned around and has sat down waiting for me…as soon as he sees me he giggles and takes off until I catch him! I love it. It’s so adorable and we have so much fun playing his little games.

Evan has also learned how to kiss me! Of course, his kisses involve him diving onto my face with a wide open gaping mouth and just staying there, drool everywhere and laughing. If he weren’t my child and I didn’t positively adore him, I would think it was so gross. He is my baby though, and I love it!

One more month baby boy, and then we throw you a party!

Month 11 FinalEvan smilingEvan close upEvan sitting collageEvan crawling collage

And of course, this is how Evan spent most of our photo shoot…trying to escape! Always on the move this one….

Evan escaping collageI’ll post Evan’s recent favorite things at the beginning of next week!



Ten Months

My sweet boy is ten months old today. As I am sitting here typing, he is having a blast playing on the floor with his toys, every now and then crawling over to our ottoman and standing, holding on to it while teeter-tottering around. He is so expressive now and he talks at us all the time! He is so incredible and so smart and I am just in awe of him every day.

How does ten months pass so quickly?! This month his two top teeth finally broke through (they had been sitting at the surface for so long!) and now he has such an adorable toothy little grin. In the last week or so his favorite thing to do is play with his tongue. I think it feels funny when he moves it over his teeth because he is constantly sticking it out and rolling it around in his mouth. He thinks it’s hilarious when we do it back at him too. He has become a very independent eater recently. He isn’t picky at all–he will eat absolutely anything–but if I’m feeding it to him on a spoon he will go crazy and try to grab it out of my hand so he can feed himself. Of course, he has no idea how to use a spoon…so this usually just turns into a big mess. He is a very independent little boy! I’m going to be researching some yummy finger food recipes for him so he can feed himself more often, and when I find a few I love I’ll share them here.

Absolutely nothing stops Evan when he is crawling anymore–he will climb over anything! He now knows that “mama” is me and “dada” is Brinton, but most of the time he still will just say “mamamamama!” to get my attention. He also knows his name and will turn around smiling at me when I say “Evan Jay!” and then he will usually carry on about his business, most often continuing to crawl away to where he knows he isn’t allowed to go. Haha it is so funny to see how he already is testing his boundaries with me. This is going to be such an adventure with him! One of our favorite things to do right now is crawling together. He will start to crawl away and I will chase-crawl after him–he squeals and shrieks, laughing and crawling away as fast as he can. I can barely even crawl after him because I’m laughing so much! His laugh is definitely more than just giggles now, and his belly laugh is so precious. It really is my favorite noise in the whole world.

Ten months old, Evan! Goodness…I already have to start thinking about your first birthday party!

Month 10 FinalTen 4Ten 10Ten CollageTen Silly Face CollageTen Sitting CollageTen 3Ten 6

Tomorrow I’ll post our favorites from month nine! See you then!

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Nine Months

This little man is nine months old today! It’s hard to believe that he is three-quarters of the way through his first year. On Wednesday he will be 39 weeks, 2 days old, which is how long he was inside of me. Crazy to think that we are passing the point where now he has been outside of my body longer than he was inside! It all seems to have flown by, and every day I see a little bit more of the big boy he is becoming. I wish I could just squish him so he would stay this little longer!

This month Evan had so many firsts! He tried a ton of new foods (and boy oh boy can this kid eat!), we celebrated my first Mother’s Day, and he fell off of the bed for the first time (don’t worry…he was fine and I definitely cried way longer than he did). He learned how to sit up from laying down, how to pull himself up to standing in his crib, how to feed himself, and how to crawl…and that was all in the same week! He is becoming so independent, which makes little things like feeding him more of an adventure than it used to be, but I love watching him problem solving when he encounters something new or is trying to do something on his own. I’m sure all mommies feel this way…but my baby is so smart. He knows how to use the remote control to control our fan and is absolutely fascinated by light-switches. Needless to say, there is a lot of on-off-on-off happening around our house. He loves to read and will spend so much time flipping page by page through his favorite books, sometimes “talking” and telling me what is happening in the story, and sometimes just giggling to himself when he sees a funny page. It’s adorable. He is so playful and a complete mama’s boy, and I love this special relationship that we have. I never knew my love could grow so much.

Nine months old, Evan! You’re getting so big!

Month 9 Final

9 Months 4

9 Months 5

9 Months 2

9 Month Collage

9 Months 7

9 Months 6

Our 8 month baby favorites are coming up later this week!

Eight Months

This little boy! It’s amazing how much he has changed in just a month. Earlier this week he pulled up for the first time! He isn’t quite crawling yet though. He will dive forward over himself, but he isn’t really sure how to stay up on his knees, so he usually just ends up on his belly and wiggles and stretches where he wants to go. There is so such thing as sitting still anymore…now that he has figured out that he is even a little bit mobile he is on the move constantly! Since last month, his second tooth has broken through and he is still chewing on everything, so I’m expecting a few more teeth to break through somewhat soon even though none are visible under his gums yet. He is a super happy little boy! The last few days he has been playing and just smiling and almost laughing to himself. It’s so adorable. His new favorite “trick” is making silly noises with his mouth. It would be too hard for me to explain in words, but if you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook there is a cute video of it! He is getting more and more hair, but it still looks like he is completely bald because it’s all super blonde, just like his daddy was when he was a baby. I love watching him grow and learn, especially when he examines everything so intently. Oh, and he is completely fascinated by the water coming out of the faucet when we fill his bath. He just can’t understand why it makes such a loud noise and he can see it, but he can’t grab it. He fights tooth and nail to try to climb out of his laundry basket (which we use as a tub…thanks “parent hacks” site on facebook!) to put his hands under it and hold it. Speaking of which…he is super strong. Or I am super weak. One or the other haha. Let’s go with him being strong. Happy 8 months baby boy!
Month 8 Final8 months close up 8 month collage close up 8 months collage sitting 8 month collage8 months 1Also, if I were more coordinated, I would have had him wear this shirt for 9 months…since it has a 9 on it and all. But, I’m not…and I had already taken all of the pictures when I realized it. I thought about changing him and taking them all over again, but it was almost nap time and I didn’t think he would be up for that. Then I considered photoshopping the 9 into an 8…and then I realized I was crazy and the number on his shirt really doesn’t matter. There’s no such thing as perfection, right? And, that’s okay.

On Monday I’ll be posting Evan’s favorite things from this last month (month 7). See you then!


Seven Months

This baby boy is growing up so quickly and changing so much! Since turning 6 months old, he has started solids (he is consistently eating bananas, carrots, pears, and oatmeal), has cut his first tooth (and the second one is visible below his gums), he is learning how to play peek-a-boo (which is the cutest thing ever), and says “mamamamamamama” all the time now. Sometimes he will even say “mama” and “mom” (of course he has no idea what he is saying…but I like to pretend that my baby is a genius, haha). He is starting to figure out that he can roll over multiple times and wiggle to where he wants to go, and he is so incredibly curious about the world around him. He just wants to explore everything! His little giggles warm my heart in a way that no other sound on Earth could, and each day I feel more and more blessed that I have the privilege of being his mother. Oh, and he is finally getting some hair again!

ImageImageImageImageOh that little smile gets me every time!

Keep an eye out for my Favorite Baby Items (6 Months) post! It should be up by the end of the week, and when it goes live I’ll link it here.

Thanks for being here!