The Silver Lining

I know, it’s been a while since I did one of these posts, huh? I really felt like I wanted to blog tonight, but I’m having trouble putting words together (so unlike me since I tend to talk wayyyy too much) so I think I’ll keep it short and sweet.

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Financially Creative // I’m using that as a better way to say on a super tight budget. Normally I would be really stressed about our budget, but this month I have decided to channel all that extra “worried energy” into one of the only parts of our budget I have any control over shrinking–our food budget. I menu planned the entire month on the first, made shopping lists week by week, and estimated my budget at $250 for the month. Yes, the whole month. So far, I am on track and I am super proud of myself. If it goes well, expect a sample menu, recipes, and shopping lists to be posted!

Time Out // This week we have started experimenting with time outs when Evan does something he is really not supposed to. It has been hard, but luckily we haven’t had to do it much. And on the bright side, Evan has quickly learned to sit quietly and say sorry…and him saying sorry is ridiculously adorable. I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole idea of time outs…suggestions, moms and dads?

Chilly // It has been extremely windy and so cold here for the last few days, and the rest of the week is supposed to stay that way. I’m not sure why I’m including this here…in no way do I find this to be negative. I am so excited for it to be kind of cold. Let me clarify though–it was 72 today. But y’all…that is COLD for Hawaii! And the wind really was ridiculous. I know. You all hate me. Some of you are probably sitting in snow up to your eyeballs. I’m sorry! Someday when we move back to the mainland and I have to live with actual freezing temperatures I’m just going to turn into a little Maria-sickle.

Money Money Money Money // I’m pretty sure I didn’t win the $5,000 I was hoping to win from the Pysicians Formula eyebooster contest. I can’t even begin to explain to you all how much I wanted to win. I guess there is still one day to hear from them, but I only had a 10% chance, so I’m not really holding my breath. But my silver lining is that even if I don’t win I found out I have a lot of really wonderful friends who voted for me simply because I asked for their help even though they care nothing about mascara. So, thanks friends! I appreciate you all!

Fraud // I found out yesterday that someone made three unauthorized paypal transactions on my debit card, so I had to call my bank, report the fraudulent expenses, close my debit card, and change all of my pins and passwords. Luckily, though, I’ll be able to recover all of the lost funds, and my bank is pretty much amazing for how quickly they were able to help me. I love USAA.

Short and Sweet? // I obviously have no concept of what short and sweet means. But if I ever get hired as a freelance writer and get paid by the word…I’ll make bank. So, there’s that.

Have a good weekend friends!

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Sorry I’ve been so MIA for the last month. The first week of February was like a whirlwind as we travelled to Utah for my sister-in-law’s wedding, and the week we got back was so busy with work and babysitting and just general craziness that I fell behind with the blog and never caught back up. The month of February in general was just hard for me. I kind of abandoned all of my goals, I spent a lot of time feeling down and completely un-motivated to do things that needed to get done, and in general I was just in a slump. Do any of you have times like that that you go through?

Anyway, with the start of a new month I have tried to brush off the last few weeks and start fresh with a positive perspective. I’m usually the kind of person that really gets down on myself when I abandon a goal, but I’m going into the month of March with the mindset that just because I haven’t done something for a few weeks doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start again. My whole year isn’t ruined because things went a little sideways in February, right?!


I love this quote. My friend handed it out during her lesson at church a few weeks ago and it really struck a chord with me. It’s so true too, isn’t it? Usually when we are feeling negative it is so easy to be down and make negative choices. Not even necessarily bad choices…just…not good ones, or productive ones. It’s during those times though that I think it’s the most important for us to make sure we make intentionally positive choices. It can really turn the whole day around, and our attitude too! This quote is my new mantra for March. I hope it helps to inspire some of you too if you have gotten in a slump over the last month or so!

I have every intention of being back to posting regularly this month, so I am hoping I can stay motivated and have that all pan out. I did want to go ahead and quickly say thank you to you all though–1) for voting for my #eyebooster video for the Physicians Formula contest (positive thoughts are still appreciated until they pick a winner at the end of the week!) and 2) for subscribing to my YouTube channel. Starting YouTube and putting myself out there has been a really scary thing (I feel like such a dork, you guys) but I am really glad I am doing it, and thankful to those of your supporting me! I already have well over 150 subscribers in just two months, and while I realize that is almost nothing in the world of YouTube, it means a lot to me. Other than my husband I haven’t really told any of my friends or family about my channel, so all of my subscribers are people I don’t know personally which makes me pretty excited! Haha, see? I totally am a dork. Oh well! If you want to subscribe to my channel or watch my videos I have it linked with the rest of my social media icons on the top right of this page. Thank you to you all!

Okay, nap time is almost over which means my blogging time is about to be cut short. I’ll talk to you all again later this week!