About Maria

Hi! I’m Maria. Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I absolutely love creating things. Food, jewelry, nail designs, organized rooms, outfits, DIYs, hairstyles…the list goes on and on. There is just something wonderfully satisfying about making something and inspiring others to get creative too. That’s why I started this blog! It was originally a personal creative outlet that I later decided to share with the world in an attempt to put a smile on others’ faces. I hope by being here and following along with my family’s adventures you can be inspired, get creative, and smile!

I am so happily married to my wonderful husband Brinton. We met when we were just a sophomore and junior in high school, and were married five years later in June 2010 in the Raleigh North Carolina Temple. High school sweethearts indeed!

Maria Brinton Wedding Pic

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and my husband is a Duke fan…which is the one real thing we argue about in our marriage, ha! We moved to Hawaii about three years ago and are here as he finishes school. We love it here–every day is a new adventure! It’s hard being so far away from family, but Hawaii has definitely secured a place in our hearts. The aloha spirit is a special thing, y’all.

In August 2013 we were blessed to have our beautiful baby boy Evan come into our lives. This little face just melts my heart every time I see it.

Evan one day old close up

As for me, I love chocolate, chevron patterns, polka dots, and Carolina blue. My true passion is acting and everything to do with the theatre, though it has been ages since I have actually been in a play. The thing I miss most about the mainland is the autumn weather and the leaves changing, but nothing beats a Hawaii sunset and ocean air. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and I am humbled by how incredibly blessed I am. I get super emotionally involved in tv shows, movies…and sometimes even in commercials. Doing my nails is almost always how I pamper myself. I am always singing something, and my specialty is making up songs to entertain my son. Baby giggles are my favorite sound in the entire world. I have some kind of weird addiction to writing lists on index cards, and sometimes I add things to my list that I have already completed just to have the satisfaction of crossing something off.

I think those are the basics. Ha! Random, right?

So pull up a chair–a beach chair, if you will–dig your toes into the sand, and stay a while!

View More: http://expressionsinfocus.pass.us/brintonmariaevan


2 thoughts on “About Maria

    • Nice to meet you too! Sorry for the late reply…I’ve been a little MIA over here. I’m so glad I have started to find more O’ahu bloggers! I was starting to think they must not exist, haha.

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