Favorite Baby Items (9 Months)

I have been trying to pay close attention all month to see if any new baby favorites have popped up, and I have to say, for the most part things have stayed the same. If I were being honest with you, our list of nine month old baby favorites would look like this:

Shoes. The fan. Power strips. Wires to anything. Doorstops. Doors. Drawers. The shower curtain. Measuring cups. Paper. More paper. Daddy’s bike. Daddy’s bike helmet. Mommy’s purse. Every single thing in mommy’s purse (which ironically is no longer fun once it isn’t in mom’s purse anymore). Diapers. Lotion bottles. Pieces of fuzz. Hair, both still attached to people’s heads and strands he finds on the carpet. Boxes. Pictures of babies. The faucet in the tub. The trash can. Everything in the trash can. Cell phones. Pens. The remote control. Water bottles. Wipes. Anything that crinkles. Belts. Anything with a tag (still). The Ergo carrier–when he isn’t in it, of course. Glasses. Earrings. Necklaces. Rings. Zippers. Velcro. Weights. Binder clips. The hole puncher. A ruler. Socks (not his socks, our socks).

I think you’re getting the idea.

I do have a few items that are actually for babies that we liked too! But just a few. His real favorites are things he isn’t supposed to have.

Summer Infant Bibbity Bib
I love this thing. The scoop design is awesome because not only does it catch most of the food that Evan drops while he is eating, but when we are out and about I use it as a “bowl” of sorts and put his puffs directly in it. He is happy as a clam just munchin’ away on them, and I am happy as a clam because I don’t have to sit there and hand him individual puff pieces. It has a little hook-like tab so he can’t rip it off (which is his favorite thing to do with his regular bibs), and that makes my life way easier. Plus, it’s silicone, which is amazing. I just wash it in the sink, dry it, and boom. Done. No mess, no hassle. And way less laundry.

Summer Infant Bibbity Bib

Photo via Summer Infant

Evan in bib

Photo from my husband’s instagram.

Squeaky Toys
Evan loves these. He still isn’t quite strong enough to make most of them squeak on their own, but he knows that they do, which seems to be enough for him. He has one little squeaky orange fishy that he will chew on until kingdom come–he loves it so much. I’m excited for when he realizes he is able to make it squeak himself. I have a feeling the cuteness of it will outweigh the amount the squeaking will drive me crazy. At least for a while, haha.

Oball Rattle
In the last few days Evan has learned how to roll/bounce a ball back and forth with me and Brinton. It is so adorable. We have a few that he likes to use including a soft foam ball and a golf ball, but this one is his favorite. He has loved this ball for a long time because he has been able to grab it so easily and the rattle noise has been fun for him. Since it is so easy for him to grip, he can really bounce this ball far! I love the bright fun color orange too. It comes in a ton of colors and is available at most major retailers. We got ours at Target.

Oball Rattle Orange

Photo via Toys’R’us

I’m pretty sure I mentioned books before in a previous baby favorites post, but they really are still his favorite things. When he is crawling around playing by himself, he will usually crawl over to his book case, take pretty much all of the books off of the shelf and thumb through them, turning page by page. It’s really cute, and it makes my heart happy to know that he already loves to learn.

Evan sitting with books

Photo from my Instagram.

I have the feeling I’m forgetting something that I was thinking of earlier, but oh well! If I remember, I’ll update the post. For now though, this is it!

Come back for my June (grown-up!) favorites on Monday!

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High Five for Friday

Another week has just breezed right on by! Can you believe the year is already halfway over? I can’t! On to this week’s highlights…

1. About two weeks ago one of my best friends had complications with her pregnancy and had to deliver her baby at just over 31 weeks. Sweet Ellie has been doing so well though, and I read on her blog this morning that she was just able to graduate to an open crib! They have been on my mind pretty much every minute of every day, and I wish I could be back home in NC to help somehow. I’m glad to hear she is progressing well!

2. Last week Evan got his first real sickness and had Hand Foot Mouth Disease. I had never heard of this before I moved here, but apparently its a super common childhood illness. Luckily his case was extremely mild, and he is finally all better. I think he has a few nails that might fall off though…apparently that can happen sometimes. It’s gross to think about, I know. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but I’ll take that over being really sick and having open sores!

3. This week for our mutual activity we took the young women paddle boarding. It was my first time doing it, and oh my goodness I had so much fun. Why have I lived in Hawaii for three years and never done this before?! I told Brinton that we absolutely have to get a sitter for Evan some time soon and do this as a date. I’m excited to go again! We are so lucky to live in Hawaii.


4. Pretty Little Liars has been back for a few weeks now, and even though I was really excited, I’ve kind if felt disappointed with the episodes so far. I feel like it has just been a lot of run-around and almost no plot progression. And my goodness what does Melissa know already?! Just tell us!

5. Today I tried a new hairstyle inspired by Kate from The Small Things Blog. I love her hair ideas, and though they rarely ever look the same on me when I try to do them, I usually still really like how it turns out. So thanks Kate! I used probably about 47 more bobby pins than you did…but oh well! (And yes, I did just take this picture in the bathroom at work just now. That’s how I roll. You can’t really see it extremely well, but my break was almost over and I was rushing.)


Happy weekend everyone!

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Ten Months

My sweet boy is ten months old today. As I am sitting here typing, he is having a blast playing on the floor with his toys, every now and then crawling over to our ottoman and standing, holding on to it while teeter-tottering around. He is so expressive now and he talks at us all the time! He is so incredible and so smart and I am just in awe of him every day.

How does ten months pass so quickly?! This month his two top teeth finally broke through (they had been sitting at the surface for so long!) and now he has such an adorable toothy little grin. In the last week or so his favorite thing to do is play with his tongue. I think it feels funny when he moves it over his teeth because he is constantly sticking it out and rolling it around in his mouth. He thinks it’s hilarious when we do it back at him too. He has become a very independent eater recently. He isn’t picky at all–he will eat absolutely anything–but if I’m feeding it to him on a spoon he will go crazy and try to grab it out of my hand so he can feed himself. Of course, he has no idea how to use a spoon…so this usually just turns into a big mess. He is a very independent little boy! I’m going to be researching some yummy finger food recipes for him so he can feed himself more often, and when I find a few I love I’ll share them here.

Absolutely nothing stops Evan when he is crawling anymore–he will climb over anything! He now knows that “mama” is me and “dada” is Brinton, but most of the time he still will just say “mamamamama!” to get my attention. He also knows his name and will turn around smiling at me when I say “Evan Jay!” and then he will usually carry on about his business, most often continuing to crawl away to where he knows he isn’t allowed to go. Haha it is so funny to see how he already is testing his boundaries with me. This is going to be such an adventure with him! One of our favorite things to do right now is crawling together. He will start to crawl away and I will chase-crawl after him–he squeals and shrieks, laughing and crawling away as fast as he can. I can barely even crawl after him because I’m laughing so much! His laugh is definitely more than just giggles now, and his belly laugh is so precious. It really is my favorite noise in the whole world.

Ten months old, Evan! Goodness…I already have to start thinking about your first birthday party!

Month 10 FinalTen 4Ten 10Ten CollageTen Silly Face CollageTen Sitting CollageTen 3Ten 6

Tomorrow I’ll post our favorites from month nine! See you then!

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Fun Florals Flashback

I have a love-hate relationship with florals. I love the idea of flowery prints, but in practicality most of the time I end up feeling like I look like an old lady. Maybe I just haven’t giving it enough of a chance yet? I love seeing this trend on everyone else, but I just haven’t tried very hard to be able to pull this off myself.

This week I decided I wanted to go out on a bit of a limb fashion-wise and try to incorporate the flowery look into my wardrobe, only to realize that I have literally only 3 things in my closet with flowers on them. A dress, a skirt, and an old(er) bathing suit. All three of them have a pretty, bold print, and I realized it has been ages since I have worn any of them. I realized upon discovering them again that I do love the flowers on all of them, and I was glad I didn’t have to go out and spend money to experiment with the trend. It can be so nice to go shopping in your own closet!

The last time I wore this beautiful dress, I was nine months pregnant (yay for stretchy fabric!) I love how crazy comfy the dress is, and the colors–especially the bright turquoise flowers–make me so happy. Why has it been so long since I have worn this?! Maternity 035 squareSkirt close upMaternity 058

When I was pregnant I layered this black top over the dress to better define my belly. Without it the dress was a bit flowy, and since I was wearing it for maternity pictures I wanted as much belly as possible! I wear a lightweight cropped cardigan with it normally to help make it not only a bit more modest but also a more put together look. I’m considering experimenting with altering it and adding sleeves so I don’t have to always wear it with the cardigan, but I might make it into just a skirt instead. I don’t know anything about alterations or sewing, so it would be a great learning experience. Any of your how-to tips or words of wisdom are appreciated!

The best part about the dress? I found it at Ross for a steal of a deal. I love when that happens!

As a side note: I can’t believe my baby turns 10 months old tomorrow. I feel like it was just yesterday we were taking these pictures!
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Simple Roasted Asparagus with Swai

 Asparagus and fish 2

I am all about quick, simple recipes. Between when Evan usually goes to sleep around seven or seven-thirty and my husband’s work schedule which on occasion keeps him out until ten o’clock, sometimes we don’t have dinner on the table until between 8pm and 10pm. Yes, I’m aware it’s not good for us to eat that late, but we are also in a stage of life where we don’t even have a table…so you know…sometimes it is what it is. Our days are so busy usually that if I haven’t menu planned, there’s a good chance that I haven’t even decided what to make until five o’clock. But by then it’s all about Evan–making sure he has a good, balanced dinner, some play time, and then starting his bedtime routine so he can get to sleep on time. It’s usually at least 8 o’clock before I start cooking, and at that point I don’t want to be in the kitchen for longer than I need to be. Is anyone else’s life as chaotic as this sometimes? I hope the answer is yes!

Anyway, this asparagus took less than 15 minutes to make. That’s my favorite kind of recipe, y’all.

I say y’all a lot on here. Which is funny, because I don’t think I say it that much in real life. Not that this isn’t real life. But “in person” real life. Know what I mean?

I’m rambling. Sorry. Back to the veggies.

Rinse the asparagus and break off the tough bottoms of the stalks. Line a baking tray with tinfoil, and lay the asparagus flat. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top, and then sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic. If you don’t have fresh garlic, garlic powder will do the trick. Roll the stalks around to make sure they are evenly coated, and then pop into the oven at 400°F for about 10 minutes. You can play it by ear with the time depending on how crunchy or soft you prefer your asparagus to be, but I felt like this was perfect.

Take it out of the oven. Be happy forever. Done.

Seasoned asparagus on the left, finished roasted asparagus on the right. I know. It pretty much looks the same. But one is roasted and delicious and amazing and the other isn't I mean, I guess it could be okay. I've never eaten raw asparagus. But just roast it. You'll thank me. I promise.

Seasoned asparagus on the left, finished roasted asparagus on the right. I know. It pretty much looks the same. But one is roasted and delicious and amazing and the other isn’t. I mean, I guess it could be. I’ve never eaten raw asparagus. But just roast it. You’ll thank me. I promise.

I loved this recipe because even though I normally love my asparagus with parmesan cheese, we were all out. Most everyone has some oil, salt and pepper, and garlic in their homes. Well, maybe not the garlic. I usually have between one and three pounds of minced garlic in my fridge at all times. No, I’m not kidding. I’m Italian. That’s how it was for me growing up and if I didn’t have that much garlic on hand, well, I think I would be kind of lost. So it’s hard for me to imagine that people don’t have a ridiculous amount of garlic in their homes. But if you don’t, just use garlic powder. No big deal.

I paired this simple side with an even more simple entree. Swai fillets were on sale at my local grocery store, so I melted some butter in a pan, seasoned them with lemon pepper seasoning salt, and cooked on medium until they were flaky while the asparagus was roasting. Both things were done at the same time, and dinner couldn’t have been more delicious!

Asparagus and fish 1

Let me know if you try this recipe and how it goes. I love hearing from you!

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Reflect Your Style!

When One Kings Lane contacted me about collaborating with them and being part of the Reflect Your Style Campaign, I was so excited! It has been a lot of fun over the past week to browse through their website and look at all of the amazing things they have available–and they have everything! From furniture to accent lighting, and dishes to jewelry, I could literally spend hours going through and creating my dream home.

The challenge they extended to me was to choose one of their beautiful mirrors as my statement piece and style a vanity around it. As they said, the mirror is the centerpiece of any vanity and can really showcase your flair and personality!

I don’t know if it is just because it’s summer now, but recently I have been really into shades of white with a pop of color. Keeping that theme in mind, I found these five pieces that I really love! I picked these pieces because they are all simple but still interesting. The patterns on the tray and the rug really caught my eye. I am such a sucker for patterns like this…sometimes I have to watch myself that I don’t go overboard! I think these complement each other nicely though. And the studs on that stool? So cute! I also really like how the wood around the mirror and the wood in the table contrast each other. I don’t like when things get too matchy-matchy. I think this would be a lovely, bright, clean and simple vanity set-up!

Check out One Kings Lane and their awesome selection of mirrors for you to style your own vanity around!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by One Kings Lane, however I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own.



High Five for Friday!

It’s Friday again! I can’t believe there is only one more Friday left in June. Crazy! Time for the weekly highlights!

1. I think the only thing worse than being sick yourself is having a baby who is sick…and then the only thing worse than that is both of you being sick at the same time. I just have a cold, but poor Evan has a fever too. I’m hoping this passes quickly!

2. On Wednesday Brinton and I celebrated four years of marriage! We had a great day and really enjoyed actually getting to go on a date too. Happy Anniversary love!

Wedding 2

3. I posted this on Instagram yesterday, but this week I have had a lot of fun with my nails. I have been trying to win an Erin Condren life planner since they are currently a bit out of my budget, but I have not been successful so far. So, instead of being sad, I decided to decorate my nails with some of my favorite classic life planner cover designs! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. What do you think?Image 4. Last night for dinner we had the most amazing, delicious roasted asparagus. Brinton and I both decided that this is how we are making it from now on because it really was that good. I’ll share the recipe with you all in an upcoming Delicious Dish Tuesday post!

5. The other day while we were driving through town on our way home, we saw a new restaurant and both nearly died laughing. I took a picture of it and even sent it in to The Ellen Show, because as soon as I saw the sign I thought that it was something that would make her crack up. Hopefully they end up airing it, but regardless, I wanted to share it here too.

Itchy Butt Chicken and Joy

Seriously who came up with the name of this place?!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Tomorrow I’ll be posting a special post working with the online retailer One Kings Lane, so come back tomorrow to see what’s in store!

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