High Five for Friday!

Is it just me, or did November practically disappear in the blink of an eye? Maybe it’s because we had family in town for the last two weeks, but I really am having a hard time grasping the fact that Thanksgiving is less than a week away at this point and we are almost ready to wrap up this year. How does this happen so quickly every year?! Obviously I’m not managing my time very well, because I feel like I’m constantly saying how I can’t believe how quickly everything happens. Haha, maybe I’ll work on that in the new year. But, until then, let’s talk highlights (especially since I’ve been MIA for two weeks!):

1. First things first–I need to vent for a moment. I just tweeted about how I saw an ad for “Black Friday Eve” and how it made me super upset. This bothers me to no end. It is not Black Friday Eve. It is Thanksgiving. *Inhale…exhale…deep breaths…* You know, I think I’ll just leave it at that for now and write a whole post about it separately. Moving on…

2. Brinton’s parents have been visiting with us for the past two weeks, and I have loved watching Evan play with them. We live so far away from any of our family that Evan really only knows his grandparents and aunts through Skype. Even though house guests stress me out because I’m always so worried about everything (which probably makes me a semi-unpleasant host…ha…oops) I am really glad that they were able to come and visit with us for so long. Luckily next year we already know of twice that we are going to be able to visit with them. Now I just have to figure out how I can win the lottery or something so I can buy some tickets to see my parents and sister too.

Johnson Family Laniakai Pill Box Hike

3. Having had house guests for the past two weeks means that today I should be cleaning my house like crazy (especially before the holidays hit). But really all I want to be doing is sleeping while the baby naps and doing absolutely nothing all day. Maybe I’ll finish blogging, straighten up, and take a nap when Evan goes down for round two. Haha, watch…now he randomly won’t take a second nap today.

4. Last night on facebook I saw this video parody and I have had the song stuck in my head ever since. It’s starting to drive me a little bit crazy…but it’s just so catchy!

5. Apartment hunting in Honolulu is the most frustrating thing in the whole world. It makes me hate living here sometimes, which is sad, because this is supposed to be paradise. I found an apartment listed on Craigslist this morning though that is actually in our price range, has amazing amenities, and is in the perfect walkable area. I already called and talked to the person in charge of the showing, and we are seeing it on Sunday afternoon. PLEASE SEND GOOD VIBES/THOUGHTS/PRAYERS OUR WAY!!! I’ve been on the hunt for a new apartment for at least six months and luck just hasn’t been on our side. I’m hoping that this will change on Sunday!

6. Fall is my favorite season and I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before how much I miss the mainland during this time of year. The other day it was super crazy windy here and I decided to take full advantage of the “cooler” temperature, decked out my nails in fall colors/patterns, and put on my would be go-to fall outfit. By the end of the day I was really warm, but I didn’t even care. That’s what going to places with air conditioning is for. (I know some of you are dealing with really horrible winter conditions, and I am sorry about that, but after living in pretty much constant upper 80 degree temperatures for three years, I miss the cold. I’m sure I would freeze my butt off in the mid-50s right now, but hey. I’d take it.)

Fall collage OOTD NOTDI had so much planned blogging-wise for the month of November, but I was just too busy visiting with family to sit down and type it out. Instead of playing catch up, I’m just going to post a few favorite fall/Thanksgiving recipes for next week and call it good. Maybe next year I’ll be more on top of things! Maybe not though. Life is better lived than blogged! We shall see…

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Catching Up

Oh how I have missed you, blog friends! The last two weeks have been CRAZY. I had every intention of posting two yummy fall recipes, a few posts about nails and such, and some miscellaneous idea posts over the last few weeks, but I ended up doing none of those things. My poor little boy was so sick for so long that I did absolutely nothing but cuddle him for days, and then literally the day after he finally started feeling a little better I threw a triple baby shower for three of my good friends. Just a few days after that my in-laws arrived for a visit…and life has just been so busy! I wanted to write a “High Five for Friday” post yesterday to recap a bit of what has been happening, but well…it’s Saturday, so I missed that too. Ha!

Anyway, let’s catch up just a bit.

[Sick Baby]
Like I mentioned, Evan was sick for about two weeks and it drained us both of all the energy we had. First he had roseola and had a fever right around 104 for almost four days before his fever finally broke and he got the rash. The day after the rash showed up he came down with this horrible chest cold that had been going around, and by the next afternoon not only was his cough terrible, but it had developed into a double ear infection too. There was a whole day where we did absolutely nothing but sit and cuddle. I hate him being sick, but I loved those cuddles so much. Luckily, except for a slight lingering cough, he is better now! Thank goodness.


[Baby Shower]
Last Saturday I threw a triple baby shower for my friends Haley, Tami, and Heidi who are all due with baby boys back to back in November, December, and January. It was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out of friends. Planning ended up being exhausting (mostly because Evan was so sick for the whole week before hand) and because it was so windy that day it didn’t really turn out exactly as I had hoped, but everyone still had a good time and that’s really all that matters. I missed out on taking all the pictures I wanted to because I had a baby on my hip the whole time, but oh well! Haha I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–try as I might, I’m just not the Pinterest mom I want to be.

Carnival Baby Shower InvitationWP_20141031_22_43_00_ProIMG_6727IMG_6726IMG_6734Me and HeidiBaby Shower Guests

[Farmer’s Markets]
For the last two weeks we have taken advantage of going to the local farmer’s markets and we have been loving it. This morning we got to taste so many yummy local treats and indulged in a few specialty things too. The weather has been beautiful here for the past few days and this morning was no different. We made sure to pick up some local avocados too–they are as big as my face and I love them!


It has been a long time since I shared nail designs with you all on the blog. I post them on Instagram more often than I blog them, but even there I have been slacking. I went a few months with bare nails to give myself a break (and because my nails were in poor condition due to my lack of TLC) but now that they are better and a reasonable length again, I’m back into doing my nails while my little one naps. I think I want to try the Jamberry nail wraps too. I hear a lot of good things about them, but I am so skeptical to spend so much money on something if I don’t know for sure that it will work. Maybe. We’ll see. Are any of you Jamberry consultants? Want to send me some for free so I can try them?

InstagramCapture_958c1977-2847-492d-b326-a65186107bc7 6tag-1978057-840847959459350630_1978057

I have been terrible with working out lately, and starting a new workout while we have visitors is probably not the best idea, but as soon as everything settles back down I really want to start up yoga again (but for serious this time). I always feel so good after I do it, and it’s a challenge for me because it’s the kind of work out where I have to go go at my body’s own pace. I can’t make myself stretch any more quickly than my muscles want to, and I know that I can’t rush balancing either. I love working out really hard and feeling the burn of cardio and weight training too, but there is something so much more invigorating to my whole body to be able to contort myself, find that core balance, and get that amazing stretch. I wish I could afford to take classes somewhere, because sometimes it’s hard to do it at home and clear my mind, but paying for yoga is just out of the question right now. I follow @jesswalkeryoga on Instagram though and her posts totally inspire me to go for it and do yoga no matter where I have to do it! (Plus, if Evan can get his yoga on, I sure as heck better be able to also…)


@jesswalkeryoga on Instagram


Well, Evan’s nap is almost over and I know he is going to want to play any second, so I’ll wrap this up. I’m hoping to be able to post some of those recipes and other idea posts for you this week! Thanks for sticking with me even as I’ve been gone. It means the world to me!

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