Father’s Day in Pictures and Delicious Dish Tuesday

I hope all of the dads out there had a terrific father’s day weekend! We had a lovely laid back morning, went to church, got to Skype with both sides of the family in the afternoon, and then enjoyed yummy fry bread tacos with our good friends for dinner. It was a great day! I know I wrote a whole post on here to my dad, but I wanted to go ahead and express how grateful I am for my husband and what a wonderful father he is to our baby. He is amazing, and I am the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him! Happy Father’s Day my love!

Gift bag


Father's Day Shirt

Evan made this shirt all by himself! Isn’t he talented? Haha. I made the card though. So fun!

family photo

Brinton loved his shirt so much he figured out a way to wear it all day…even to church! It was so sweet of him, and he got so many compliments! And yes, that is the DIY necklace from last week’s post!

I also wanted to share a really yummy new pork recipe that I made up tonight. I was craving pork chops, which I usually bread with Italian breadcrumbs and bake…but I was out of breadcrumbs. I decided instead I would use panko…which I apparently am almost out of as well. I decided to just wing it, and came up with this meal, which I am calling Top Crusted Panko Pork Chops.

Meal close up with title

Pork collage

1. Pat the pork dry and season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. 2. Broil at 400°F for about six minutes. 3. Flip chops over, season, and spread a thin layer of mayo on the pork; top with panko. 4. Broil for another 5 minutes until pork is cooked through and panko is crunchy.

Pork chop halved

Moment of truth! I cut it open and it was still a little too pink for me. After I snapped this picture I popped it back in the oven for another two minutes and it was perfect! Yum!

I made these with a side of pan-grilled zucchini–delish!

Zucchini collage

I don’t have a grill pan, but I do have a wavy knife that gives the same effect! The wavy knife probably has an actual name, but I don’t know what it is, haha.

It turned out really yummy and I think I’ll definitely be making it again. I never would have thought to use mayo on the meat until one day when I saw a chicken recipe like that on the side of the mayo bottle, but it works really well to keep the meat moist and help the crumbs to crisp up. It’s a keeper.

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To You, Dad

I am who I am today because of the amazing man who raised me. My dad is such an example to me, and such a role model. My entire life, he has worked so hard. My dad has sacrificed everything in order to provide for our family, and no one I know has a work ethic like he does. I was raised in the back of an Italian restaurant. More often than not we didn’t have the time or the means to be able to go on family vacations, and we didn’t get to spend every night and weekend together because my parents were working without rest. I know that they regret that sometimes, but I don’t regret it. I am so grateful for it.

Dad, thank you for what you gave me. I, like my sister, know how to cook because we stood on dish racks in the back of the restaurant in order to be tall enough to see you cook. I learned how to lay tile in the storage room of that restaurant, and I remember how good it felt to laugh and talk with you all night. I know what dedication means because of your example, dad. I know what it means to make a commitment to something. I know what it looks like to follow your dreams and work hard to succeed.

I am grateful that my dad never called anyone to fix anything around the house. He did it all himself, and because of that, I learned how to be independent and self-reliant. I remember going out into the backyard and digging out the area where we were building our patio, and I remember feeling so fortunate to be able to build it with him. When we were finished, I looked at what we had accomplished and I was so proud. I know how to fix toilets, and change the oil on my car. I know how to spackle and paint (because he was amazing enough to paint my room red when I was in high school…boy oh boy was that a chore!) I know how to change a tire. I know how to siphon the water out of a fish tank. I know how to chop wood, and use an air compressor, and I know how to build a real fire. I know how to make it in the world because of what he taught me.

My dad has the best recipes and is the best cook in the whole world. He is the ultimate Mr. Fix-it, and can literally fix anything. He is the best driver I know, and can drive any vehicle under the sun. He taught me to love my heritage, and embrace tradition. He taught me the importance of family. I remember when I was a teenager and my Uncle Mando passed away–I didn’t want to go with everyone up to New York to go to the funeral because it was my spring break and I wanted to stay with my friends. He put on the movie Moonstruck and made me sit with him and watch the whole thing, and at the end he gave me a whole speech about how important family was and why I needed to come with them. Because I was a stupid teenager, I told him that I still didn’t want to go. It was then that he told me that I no longer had a choice and I was getting my butt into that car and coming with them. Thank you for doing that dad. To this day that is one of the most vivid lessons you taught me. You were right to make me go. Family really is the most important thing in the world.

My dad is a man of few words but has a big heart. I miss him every single day. Since going off to college and later getting married and moving across the country to Hawaii, we haven’t gotten to spend much time together. I love you, daddy. You are the man I look up to the most, and I hope so much that Evan turns out to be a lot like his Papa. You are such an example and role model to me.

Here’s to you, dad. I hope you have a happy father’s day back home, and know that I am thinking about you and love you! I am so grateful that you are my father.

Me and dad collage

I know this is a silly photo and it’s from forever ago, but I love it!

DIY: Baby and Daddy Bow Tie Set

I think these bow ties are adorable. I was so excited when I thought about making matching father/son bow ties for father’s day! They were relatively simple to make and I found the fabric at Walmart for a pretty good price. The nice thing is that you don’t need much fabric at all! I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, but I’ll share a bit of step by step info with pictures if you would like to go ahead and make your own.


These are the fabric squares I found at Walmart. I got a bunch in all different colors and patterns! Each piece of fabric measures 18 in x 21 in and is the perfect size to make two small bow ties and two large bow ties (depending on what size you want to make them). Best yet, each square was only a dollar or so!

Bow Ties Step 1

Once you have chosen your fabric, iron it well. This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but I found that it makes it way easy to work with. For the big bow tie, I cut out fabric roughly 4.5 in x 10.5 in, and for the baby bow tie 4 in x 7 in. Again, you can change up the measurements depending on what size bow ties you want.
Next, fold over the top and bottom edges and iron flat so they stay put. I folded over probably just about an inch on each side. Lastly, fold the sides in until they meet in the middle and overlap slightly.

Bow Ties Step 2

1 and 2) Begin to sew the fabric right up the middle. I folded it a bit first and then sewed through a few times so it stayed scrunched up. (Like all of my technical terms here?)
3) I failed to take a photo of cutting out the “loop” for the middle piece (sorry!) but you basically just cut out a rectangle as you did for the bow tie itself, only smaller. Fold the edges over as you did before and iron so they stay flat. You can decide how wide you want the middle piece to be. I sewed the tie and loop together, but if you’d like you can sew them separately. I sewed them together to make sure my loop wasn’t going to slide around.
4) There you have it! Your bow tie, big or little, should look like this. Simple, right?

Bow Ties Step 3

For the baby onesie I purchased sew on snaps and just sewed them in place. I liked this idea much better than trying to clip something on that I’m sure baby could easily tear off, and I didn’t feel like a strap around his neck would be safe. Picture two is big bow tie next to baby bow tie. (I did end up making an around the neck strap for the big one…but it wasn’t at all elegant and I kind of just threw it together. If you can find bow tie clips, I’m going to assume that to be much, much easier.)


Ta-da! A matching set!
If you want a more in depth tutorial, my original inspiration was from this site that I found on Pinterest. I used her tutorial as a guide and found it to be quite helpful!

There you have it! Father/son bow ties in a few easy steps. It takes a bit of practice at first, but once you figure it out you can really speed through them. Now all that’s missing is baby boy…I know Brinton wants him to hurry up and get here so they can finally wear them to church together!

(First) Father’s Day

Sunday was an absolutely phenomenal day. The weather was fabulous, the trade winds were awesome (which is soooo important when you don’t have AC!), and we ended our very laid back day with great friends and delicious food.

Even though baby isn’t here yet, I wanted Brinton’s first father’s day to be special. I spent a good few hours working on his gift: a matching bow-tie set for him and baby boy. I was so excited about it that it was hard to wait until father’s day to give it to him!

Regular bow-tie for dad, snap on bow-tie onesie for baby!


After church we enjoyed a nice Sunday nap, and after spending the afternoon around the house we headed out to have dinner with our friends Abi and Mark at their place. The food was de-licious. Grilled burgers and wings, hand dipped onion rings, and fresh corn. In moderation, it wasn’t even that bad for my diet either! Double win!


I’m salivating just thinking about how amazing this was.

After dinner, Abi taught us how to play the card came “Golf”, and after a mediocre start to being in last place, I ended the game with literally the best hand you can get and finished in second.


This game is super fun! It’s my new go to game and I’m really looking forward to getting to play it again soon.

I’m really glad we had such a wonderful day!

What did you do to celebrate?