Fun summery nails: Coral Triangle Nail Art

It has been quite a while since I posted anything fun on here about my nails, so I figured it was about darn time! In my recent favorites post from last month I talked about Sensationail, an at home gel manicure system. I’m still planning a more in depth review on the system itself later this month, but I can honestly say it is because of Sensationail that I have really started enjoying doing my nails again! It always drives me crazy when I spend so much time on a nail design only to have it chip two days later. With the gel my nails don’t chip or peel at all and they last for about 10 days. I could probably make them last longer, but by then I’m usually dying to change things up.

Anyway, this nail design was actually something I saw posted on the Sensationail facebook page and I loved it so much I took off my manicure that same night and decided to give it a go.

Coral Triangle Nails

Nail design with Sensationail gel polish in Spoiled Diva and White Lily

The look from the Sensationail page was done with a really beautiful warm orange color, but sadly (I think it’s because the Hawaii market is limited) I haven’t been able to find any of the fun limited edition seasonal color lines that they release. Oh well. This is a bright vibrant almost red colored coral, and I love the results. It’s an awesome shade for summer!

Whether you have an at home gel system or if you are just using regular nail polish, it doesn’t really matter. Step by step: use a good base coat, and then paint all of your nails whatever main color you choose. Paint the ring finger white, and then using a nail art brush or very small paintbrush, paint two triangles on the top and bottom of your nail and then one on each side. This was tricky for me…I don’t have the most steady hand and eyeballing it proved harder than I thought it would be. My lines aren’t the straightest in the world, but they were good enough that I didn’t feel the need to start all over. I don’t know how using tape with the gel polish would work, but if you are using regular polish and have let the white dry completely, you could always use tape as a guide to make sure your lines are crisp and neat. Finish with a top coat and you’re done!

Fun, vibrant, summery nails!

What are some of your favorite nail colors or designs for summer?


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