Weekending…All Week Long!

Two weeks ago my sister came to visit. We had such a great time! I took the week off of blogging when she was here (with the exception of a yummy Mongolian Tofu dish I shared) so that we could explore O’ahu and spend as much time together as possible. Even the threat of a hurricane or two didn’t kill our party!

After she left I decided to take one more week away from the blog to enjoy one of the last weeks of summer before Brinton starts school again and our schedules become insane! So, I apologize for being absent…but I’m not actually sorry. Ha! It’s always nice to take a vacation from technology, especially when it means enjoying a beautiful island and spending time with family. I’ve had a great last two weeks, and I hope you have too!

Enjoy some of our pictures, and I’ll see you this week as I dive back into my normal routine!

(P.S. I know my sister is about ten shades darker than I am…but I promise we really are related!)

download_20140807_162146 download_20140818_152440 download_20140818_152458 download_20140818_150332 download_20140818_150249 download_20140818_151749 download_20140818_152434 download_20140818_150313 download_20140818_150319 download_20140818_150306 download_20140818_152445 download_20140818_152452 download_20140818_150301 download_20140818_151744 IMG_20140807_101004IMG_20140805_081241IMG_20140807_101727IMG_20140805_083811IMG_20140805_083913~2IMG_20140807_133159IMG_20140807_101050download_20140818_151800

Linking up for the first time today with two new blogs I stumbled upon– B Loved Boston and Champagne and Suburbs!

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