Small Ways to Say I love You

With my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding this weekend and Valentine’s day the weekend after that I’ve been thinking a lot about love! I’m not usually someone who really celebrates Valentine’s day–with Christmas at the end of December and then my birthday at the end of January, I honestly feel bad that there is another holiday so close that usually calls for gift giving. Brinton and I usually keep things pretty simple, and we make an effort through the year to continue to intentionally date each other and express our love.

How you might express love to those you care about may differ based on your relationship and your personalities, but here are some ideas for how to say I love you!

Small Ways to Say I Love You

Lunch notes // Every now and then I will pack my husband’s lunch for him for work and write a little note to him. It’s usually something simple like, “Thanks for working so hard!” or “I love you and can’t wait to see you tonight!” but he says it always makes him smile when he sees it.

Do his or her least favorite chore // Brinton and I both hate doing dishes, so when one of us tackles the whole sink it is definitely out of love for the other. Maybe your loved one hates folding their socks, or can’t stand taking out the trash, or really dreads scrubbing the shower. Do it for them as a small way to show your love and thoughtfulness.

Sing a voicemail // When my husband and I were dating in high school, I called him one day while he was working and I knew he wouldn’t be able to answer his phone. When his voicemail picked up I sang to him the chorus of I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder. He saved that voicemail for years and played it for me a few days before we were married. It was so special for me to realize that something I thought was a silly little way to say I love you meant so much to him.

Surprise him or her with their favorite meal // Food is more than just food to me–food is an expression of love itself! I love surprising Brinton with his favorite meals or snacks. Getting creative in the kitchen is one of my favorite ways to let Brinton know I care about him.

Hold hands // I love when my husband and I are just sitting on the couch and he reaches over and takes my hand. It’s the smallest gesture, but it instantly connects us and makes me feel closer to him. Feeling close and connected is so important, especially today when we are usually so plugged in and disconnected from each other.

Take time to pause together // With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking the time to pause can be hard. Every now and then when Brinton will come up to kiss me, I’ll be in the middle of cleaning up after the baby, or trying to get something done, or rushing to get somewhere on time and the last thing on my mind is stopping to give my husband a long hug or kiss. But then I pause and remember that the mac and cheese Evan threw on the floor can wait, because there is nothing more important than my husband and our relationship. Taking those few extended seconds with each other can make all the difference in our relationship that day.

There are so many more ways to express love, but I hope these few ideas gave you something new to think about!


Anniversary Date Night Denim

Yesterday Brinton and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary! It blows my mind to think that it has already been four wonderful years. I feel like they have flown by so fast, and at the same time like we have been married for way longer than that. We had a great day with one another and were even able to get a sitter for Evan in the evening so we could go on a real date just the two of us (thank you Rachelle and TJ!!!)

Our day was filled with chocolates and flowers, dinner and movies, and spending time relaxing with one another. I feel so lucky to call this man my husband. He is without a doubt the most amazing person I know. The amount I love him could never be fully expressed in words, but it never stops me from trying. I love him more each moment. That might sound like a big claim, but it’s so true. Every day, I come to a new understanding of what love is and what it really means to be completely in love with him. I am so blessed. A lot of people say that when a baby becomes part of the family that things change between husband and wife and life gets harder, but for us…it has only gotten better. We have changed, but we have grown so much closer with one another, and when I see the way he loves Evan and how Evan looks up at him, my heart becomes so full it could burst.

Happy Anniversary my love! I am so excited that we get to have an eternity of anniversaries to celebrate together.

Kiss collage

Turns out, the millionth kiss is even better than the first. Pictures from first dating in high school in 2006 through now.


Dinner selfie!

For our dinner date I wanted to wear something fun but casual. I got this pink top at Old Navy a few months ago and paired it with a pair of dark-wash, wide leg denim jeans and cute nude high heels. The picture doesn’t really do it much justice, but this outfit was so cute! I love that my beaded necklace went with it so well too. I think next time I’ll trade in my heels for my new favorite wedges, which probably would have helped me look a little taller! Last time I was at Old Navy I noticed that this top is on clearance now, so scoop it up while you still can!

Anniversary Date

After our meal at Nico’s at Pier 38. If you all are ever in Honolulu, you have got to go to this restaurant. Dinner was delicious!

Yes, this post was way more about love than fashion. Sometimes you just have to write about what really matters (but you can still look cute doing it!)

PS-This is my 100th post on my blog!

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Love One Another

I have been really contemplative over the last week about what the Christmas season really means to me. After the tragedy in Connecticut this weekend…it makes me speechless. I haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words yet. Maybe I’ll write about it eventually, but for now, all I can think of is this song.

As I have loved you, love one another.
This new commandment: love one another.
By this shall men know ye are my disciples,
If ye have love one to another.

My heart goes out to everyone who is hurting, and my prayers are with you. I hope we can take the opportunity this Christmas season to be reminded of our many blessings, but also to remember what really matters in our lives. Most importantly, I hope our reflection and behavior don’t stop when we take down our trees. As I was reading my scriptures the other morning, I came across a paper Christmas ornament that I have had for several years. It somehow got lost between the pages, but I feel like I came across it at just the right time.

Paper Ornament

I encourage each and every one of you this Christmas season to pick something on this ornament, and do it. Pick five somethings. Pick all twenty-two. Take the opportunity every day to make someone else’s life better. Be positive. Care about people. Remember to not take for granted your relationships with those you care about. Treat everyone with respect. Be slow to anger and quick to forgive. And I love the last piece of encouragement:

Speak your love, and then speak it again.