Yesterday I turned twenty-six years old. My day started out pretty rough–thanks 6am garbage truck who wakes my son every Friday morning!–but I ended up having a great day. We had some wonderful friends take Evan for the evening and Brinton and I were able to go out to dinner and just enjoy each others company. After dinner we caught the tail end of the Waikiki fireworks from the top of the Ala Moana Center and then walked around the mall for a bit picking up my free birthday perks from a few makeup stores. I also stopped to buy an adorable Curious George stuffed animal for Evan. I know it was my birthday but I knew he would love it so much!


Later we went to buy Brinton a suit for his sister’s wedding and then went out for fro-yo at Menchies. It was such a good evening and a much needed date night. We haven’t been out just the two of us in quite a while and it was so nice to be able to go out without worrying about if Evan was getting antsy or not.


Brinton also surprised me with a beautiful necklace from Wrenn Jewelry. Their jewelry is just so stunning–I want everything! The necklace he chose for me is absolutely gorgeous. I’m wearing it in the picture above, but I’ll post a better picture on the blog and on Instagram next week when I’m actually dressed. It’s pjs Saturday around here today…no shame, y’all.

I asked my mom to send me a few pictures of me when I was little. Here’s a few good ones of baby/toddler Maria. Ha, you can see I’ve always had quite a little personality.


I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Thanks to everyone who called or messaged me with birthday wishes! I appreciate you all!


High Five for Friday

And just like that, another week gone. Have you all had a good week? I hope so! Let’s celebrate some highlights!

1. I am 100% totally on board with fall. The problem with living in a tropical paradise, though, is that it is always…a tropical paradise. I miss my autumn time! Cool and crisp weather, brightly colored leaves, boots and scarves….I miss it all! I am looking forward to cooler weather here (which is like 82 instead of 88…) and regardless of the fact that it is eternally summer, I am embracing all things pumpkin and diving into the holiday spirit. No, not Christmas, you silly goose. Autumn is a holiday to me. Plus, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday which I feel like gets so overlooked. Anyway, I’m all in. Yay!

2. Yesterday I kind of went out on a limb and decided to post something a little more personal on the blog. In a matter of hours I received so many comments about how people feel the same way or are going through the same thing. Thank you all for your comments! I really just wanted to share a moment of real, true, candid life with you all. Thanks for making it a not so scary thing to do. If you want to read some of my recent thoughts on this roller coaster ride of motherhood, you can click here.

3. I finally found time to take some outfit pictures and my Eshakti post will be going up tomorrow! I am so excited that I can finally cross this off my list and tell you all about my experience with the company…and the adorable dress I got. Stay tuned for that!

4. So, I’m pretty excited because this week Brinton and I had a date night. Not only did we have a date night, but we had a double date with some of our best friends. Wait…it gets even better…we have another date night planned for tomorrow! Two dates in one week with no baby?! What?!?!?! It’s absolute madness, I’m telling you. PS did you all know that Buffalo Wild Wings has 75 cent wings on Tuesday nights? Um, yes please. Hooray for a super cheap date with really great friends. It has been a good week.


Yay blurry cell phone selfie!

5. Today was an absolutely beautiful day. The trade winds have finally picked back up and have helped transform the weather from miserably and unbearably hot to quite lovely. I had a fun day with Evan playing at the pool with friends, hanging out with them for the afternoon, and then having a relaxing evening. I love fun days in the sun with friends!

Okay friends, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have a fun weekend!

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High Five for Friday

This week hasn’t really gone exactly as planned…

I have so much to write and tell you guys, but pretty much no energy to do so. I had everything nice and planned out for the blog this week, but on Tuesday I was in a car accident (everyone is fine!) and instead of blogging that night I spent my evening with an ice pack on my back and filing a claim with my insurance. The next morning I didn’t really feel like getting dressed up for my outfit post, so no pictures were taken…and everything just kind of unraveled from there. I planned on having my July favorites post up yesterday, but that obviously didn’t happen! I was going to combine it with this post, but I’m sleepy…so with any luck it will be up tomorrow instead. At least…that’s the plan!

Anyway…here’s five highlights from the week!

1. My phone fell in the toilet on Sunday. I completely and totally forgot I had put it in my back pocket–I thought it was still in the den–and the next thing I know I was fishing it out of the (unused, by the way) toilet, positive that I had just killed my phone. But…I married a nerd, and he saved it for me. It still works perfectly. I love him.

2. Brinton and I had a date night last night and we were so excited to have some time together just the two of us. The plan was to go and paint pottery and then get something inexpensive to eat…but oh my goodness…the pottery place we went was so ridiculously overpriced that we just left. We were baby-less for the evening but had no idea what to do with no time to plan…so we went to Wendy’s and then we went to Walmart. Haha, can you tell we are poor college students still? We still had fun though, and now we have a lovely new tv-stand/bookshelf in our den. I feel much better about having spent money on that rather than an overpriced platter or something like that. Maybe I’ll post a picture eventually.

3. I finally got some pretty white plates from some friends who are going to be moving soon. I’m excited that the black plates are outta here! Hooray for prettier food pictures in the future!

4. I think Evan’s sleeping pattern is finally getting back to normal after this last bout of teething. Poor kid cut four teeth at once…ouch. Meanwhile…my baby has eight–yes EIGHT–teeth! Say what???!!! He’s like a whole big person now! I mean, they are all still coming in…but it wont be long before he has a very toothy little grin. Babies grow too quickly!

5. Tomorrow morning I am supposed to be at the church by 7am to help clean the chapel and the building…which means I’m going to bed, y’all. Goodnight!

Oh! You get a bonus sixth thing, because I just realized none of my highlights have a picture to go with them and I can’t have a blog post without a picture. So, here you go! The other day as I was waiting outside with Evan for a friend to pick us up, he kept looking around at everything, and wouldn’t stop pointing at the tree. Eventually I finally looked up and saw the most beautiful bright yellow flowers. It made me laugh because only a few days before that I had seen a post on my husband’s cousin’s wife’s (is there an easier way to say that?) blog about how her little boy did the exact same thing. Kids are amazing, aren’t they? I hope you enjoy the flowers as much as I did. PS if you follow me on Instagram I post there a lot more regularly!


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