The Silver Lining

Well, with a new year comes a new Friday series. I have loved doing High Five for Friday, and in essence this new series I am starting is almost the same thing. I am still going to be highlighting five things from my week, but recently I have really felt like I need to be more actively engaged in looking on the bright side of life. With that being said, this idea came to me as I was falling asleep one night (because you know that’s when the best inspiration strikes!)

The Silver Lining, as it will be called, is my opportunity to reflect on my week and spin the negative things that happened into positives. I am looking forward to taking time to pause at the end of my week, change my attitude and mindset, and strive to have an attitude of gratitude and positivity!

Silver Lining Header

I hope you’ll join me! @mjsimplysmiling on Twitter or @mariasimplysmiling on Instagram, and #thesilverlining if you’re up for it!

Here are my top five silver lining moments from the past week:

Chinese food // Every New Year’s day my family has Chinese food for dinner. It’s a tradition I love and one that I have continued with Brinton and now with Evan. Last night we spent at least a half an hour on yelp trying to find a good place to go. We finally settled on one place and it was ended up not being good at all. I was so disappointed! But the silver lining is that now I know that I can make better Chinese food than they can, and next time we have a craving for Chinese we can save the money and I can cook it myself.

The break of dawn // Evan is doing a great job at keeping his resolutions so far this year. Unfortunately it looks like his resolutions are to wake up an hour to an hour and a half earlier than normal and making a sudden change from two naps down to one. I’m so tired! But, on the bright side, I have been able to get up early with him the past few mornings and get in my work out nice and early, which has really been a great start to the day. I may even keep waking up early even if he goes back to his normal sleep schedule!

Showers // Since I’ve been working out daily and been getting all sweaty and gross, I have had to take a shower every morning. Usually I end up showering every other day (is that TMI? sorry, it’s true. I’m a busy mom who only has time to shower during nap time, and usually other things end up taking precedence). Haha, that may not sound like a negative thing, and it isn’t really, but my silver lining is that now I am somewhat being forced to make sure I’m getting dressed every day into real clothes instead of just sliding by in yoga pants and a shirt. I have felt so much better about myself for the past week! Ha I even feel like it’s worth it to have to restyle my hair every day.

9 to 5 // Or, 7 to 4 rather. Brinton has had to work every day this week, including the holiday, which was slightly a bummer. On the bright side though, he got paid for working and paid for the holiday. He also has the whole weekend off which never happens! I’m excited for him to be able to relax with us for two days in a row. Evan loves being able to play with his dad!

Brinton and Evan

Clothes everywhere // I’ve been in the process of cleaning out my closet to revamp my outfits and start creating a capsule wardrobe (more on that tomorrow), but in doing so my house seems suddenly flooded with clothes everywhere. Clothes in a pile ready to donate, clothes that I want to keep but aren’t seasonal right now, clothes that I need to either transform in a DIY or get rid of, clothes that I love but have a set in stain I need to work out…I feel like a tornado came through my closet! The silver lining though is that my wardrobe is already way more streamlined and I feel like it is so much easier to find something to wear. Once I take the time to finish organizing everything, I know it’s going to feel like a breath of fresh air.

Well, that’s it! I hope that as I do this every week it will keep getting harder and harder for me to notice the negative things that happen and I’ll only be able to see the positives.

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2 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. I just love this!!! Your creativity is so inspiring and catching 🙂 I love a capsule wardrobe. I did one (well sort of…like in my head instead of separating it from the rest of my clothes) this fall and it was great! I loved everything I wore and it was never a battle to try and figure out what to wear. And I look at shopping for clothes differently now – I don’t feel like I have to have “one of everything” I do neutrals and blues with one accent color. I am looking forward to reworking it with a new accent color for the next 3 months. I can’t wait to hear about yours!

    • It’s so true! I haven’t even finished mine yet and I feel like it really is way easier to figure out what to wear. I’m excited to talk about how I feel about it in tomorrow’s post!

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