Simple Halloween Craft Ideas

I love the idea of decorating for the holidays, but because we live in such a small space decorating usually isn’t something I prioritize. The issue really is that we have nowhere to store the decorations once the holiday is over…so I don’t even try to do anything. Christmas is the only holiday we have decorated for since we moved here! This year though, I realized I can still decorate to make it feel a little more “Halloween-like” here. I just have to be a little more creative in the decorations I choose.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins 2

Materials: toilet paper roll, fall colored fabric squares (20″x 20″), and felt to make the stems. Just put your toilet paper roll in the center of the fabric square, and fold the edges up around the toilet paper and into the tube. Cut out a felt stem and decorate with some fake leaves if you have them. Done!

Eye See You Nails

This is actually a manicure I posted two Halloweens ago when I was barely starting to mess around with blogging. Paint your nails black and when dry, add two medium sized white dots. Let dry for a minute, and add two black dots on top of the white dots for the pupils. Let it dry and protect it with a top coat. Cute and spooky!

Spooky Face Clothespins 2

This is a fun craft that kids can have fun with too. I used googly eyes, jumbo fuzzy pipe cleaners, and felt to decorate my clothespins. I attached everything with hot glue, so if kids are participating make sure they only do the designing and an adult does all the gluing! I’m using my spooky face clothespins to hang our Halloween cards and other letters we are getting from family and friends. Fun!

Tissue and Cotton Ball Ghosts

My mom used to make these every year and hang them from our fans in our bedrooms, so when I see them, I always think of her. All you need are cotton balls, tissues, and some kind of string (I used dental floss). Place your cotton ball in the center of the tissue, fold the tissue down over it, and tie it off, leaving the string long enough that you can create a loop at the top to hang it with. Use a sharpie to draw a ghost face, and you’re done! *Bonus* Use fishing line to hang them with to make it look like they are really floating in mid air!

Ghost Footprints

Baby footprint crafts are always tricky. Luckily, you don’t have to try to get the footprints perfect for these ghosts to be adorable! All you need is paint, paper, and a baby. I mean…I guess you don’t have to have the baby. You can do it yourself if you want to. They would just be much larger ghosts!

Aren’t these cute? Other than the dry time for the nail polish, these crafts all take less than 15 minutes to put together. They are all relatively small too, so you can still feel like you’re embracing the holiday spirit without feeling like your house is being taken over by craziness.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my Pinterest page to see what I’m feeling inspired by this year!

Linking up with Lisa for the Halloween Holiday link up!


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