High Five for Friday!

Yes, I know…it’s Saturday. But I was both super busy and super exhausted yesterday, so when I finally did get a moment to sit and relax…I did just that, instead of blogging. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t know how all you busy moms out there find time to consistently blog (let alone cook and do all of these cute DIY projects or actually get dressed and put on makeup to create the blog content in the first place) when some days I go to bed wearing the same clothes I woke up in. Haha, but I guess everybody has those days…we just don’t usually put them front and center for people to see, huh?

Anyway, since I’m a day behind here, let’s get to it.

1. Last night we went to Target and bought Evan’s first “big boy” car seat. When did my baby get so big?! I’m probably going to cry when we install it tonight. Strike that. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I will cry. He’s just growing so quickly! Also, he has been playing in it (and the box it came in) all morning. I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s a new toy.


2. Speaking of my baby growing too quickly, this morning when Brinton left for work, we told him to say “bye.” Evan looked up at him, said, “Bye bye daddy,” and waved. We both looked at each other shocked and completely floored. I’m glad we both heard it though, otherwise I don’t think I’d believe it. He’s only 13 months!

3. I am getting my hair cut on Tuesday (I think it’s been since April!) and I am really looking forward to it. I think I’ve decided that as much as I love the look of it cut and styled short, longer hair is way more practical for me right now. I’m planning on growing it out again, but in the meantime it really needs its shape back. Also, I am going sans baby…and I am crazy excited for some relaxing “me time.” Thank you husband! Now I just have to decide if I’m going to keep the subtle a-line, or if I’m going to go for layers framing my face. I’m also trying to decide if I should keep my long bangs, or shorten them up a bit. Here are some of my pinned ideas–let me know what you think!

4. On Wednesday of this week I felt incredibly accomplished because not only did I babysit all day, but I actually got both babies sleeping at the same time and in the same room so I could finish cleaning the house. To top that off, I made four freezer meals plus dinner all before 6 pm (which is ridiculously amazing considering Brinton and I rarely if ever eat before nine). I don’t know how I pulled it all off, but somehow I did and I checked off “be awesome” from my list at the end of the day.

5. I have a wonderful review to post for Eshakti which is long, long overdue. They sent me the most adorable dress which I absolutely love, but my photographer *ahem…husband* has been so busy with working 40+ hours per week and going to school in the evenings that he and I just haven’t found the time to be able to take the pictures that this review deserves. I’m hoping the stars align tomorrow and we are able to snap some good shots in the evening so that I can get that post up this week. The dress is just so cute! I’ve been dying to show you all!

Bonus! 6. This week on Thursday I took Evan to the zoo because the kid absolutely loves birds. I thought he would really like seeing all the birds at the zoo, but because of the enclosures they keep them in they were actually really hard to see. There were a ton of pigeons though, and he loved them. Also, do the peacocks run wild at your local zoo? Because they do here. Ha…that was one bird that Evan had no trouble seeing at all…probably because it was right next to his stroller.


Crazy right?!

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