High Five for Friday!

Oh man oh man, Friday again already? Where did the week go? Do you guys think I’ll ever get the hang of taking care of everything going on in my life and blogging consistently? Haha, I probably wont. Thanks for sticking with me anyway!

As usual, it’s a busy morning. I have to leave for work in 15 minutes, so…let’s do this!

1. Brinton’s grandparents left this week after a two week vacation. We did SO MUCH stuff while they were here! It was busy, busy, busy. I always love when people come visit because we end up actually getting out of the house every day and doing fun things, but I’m kind of glad to be back to our more relaxed schedule. I need my slow days, y’all.

2. I have been experimenting this week with chocolate avocado mousse. I tried a recipe that I liked, but just wasn’t quite right so I’m not ready to share it yet. When I finally perfect it I’ll be sure to post it here!

3. Evan took steps on Sunday! I have an adorable video which I have not yet uploaded (although as I’m typing this I told my mom I would do it Wednesday night…oops…) and I am so excited for him. It’s adorable, because now when he stands on his own and finds his balance, he laughs so hard because he’s so excited and surprised that he can do it! I love it. He warms my heart.

4. I had a horrible-mom day this week on Wednesday. Evan had woken up at 5am, barely took a morning nap, and then wouldn’t nap all day. I was so frustrated with him all day and I had absolutely no patience and by the end of the day I just felt horrible. I cried for like half the evening because I felt so bad. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is only one year old. Any other moms out there know what I mean?

5. Evan is 13 months today! I decided that over his second year I’ll do my Evan-updates at 15 months, 18 months, 21 months, and two years. It’s just too much work to keep it up every month! Haha, plus he no longer stays still for pictures anymore. Wiggle worm baby!

Okay, I just realized I have no pictures for any of these highlights, so enjoy some pictures of my adorable boy actually cuddling with me, his first train ride, and his first ice cream cone, and I promise next week I’ll be more prepared. Ha!

WP_20140922_12_29_01_Pro WP_20140921_16_35_32_Pro WP_20140922_11_25_03_Pro

Oh, and I know in my last post I said I would post a recipe next. I have one ready! Just didn’t have time to blog. It’s coming!

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4 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

    • Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes we just need to hear that from another mom, you know? Mommy-hood is hard! And on those days it’s so easy to forget that everyone goes through it now and then.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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