High Five for Friday!

Hey Friday! It’s been a while! I’ve missed celebrating the weekend with you all. The family and I are actually driving up to the north shore right now, so this will be a reasonably short post because I’m doing it from my phone. I just couldn’t go another week missing high five for Friday though!

Let’s jump in!

(Well, I was writing this from my phone this morning…and then I lost cell reception…so now it’s tonight. Oh well.)

1. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I made the change to a windows phone. I can’t say I’m completely sold on it (I love android a bit too much I think to ever really make a permanent switch to something different), but I can say that I am in love with the camera on this thing. I rarely need to use a filter anymore and it takes amazing pictures. Follow me on Instagram to see all the pictures I post!


2. I saw these amazingly gorgeous earrings at a gift shop at the Polynesian Cultural Center yesterday, and I fell in love with them. If they hadn’t been so expensive I would have scooped them up immediately, but I can’t just go dropping $25 bucks on earrings right now. I realize $25 probably isn’t that much to some of you fashion bloggers out there, but times are tight! Someday though. I’ve promised myself not to leave the islands without buying them.


Um, amazing news…I just googled Creations by Keiko to see if she had a website I could link up, and the earrings in her Etsy shop are only $16 instead of $25. Hooray! Now when I’m able to splurge, maybe I can manage two pairs instead of just one!

3. With the grandparents in town we have gotten the chance to play tourist for the past week and a half. It’s always fun being able to do that, because the fact of  the matter is we just don’t take the time to explore the island unless people are here visiting. I wish we could make more time to do that, but sometimes life just gets so busy, you know?

4. Brinton just found out he finally received a promotion to full time working at Microsoft! This has been long awaited and we are both really excited for this opportunity. Unfortunately it also means that I have had to quit my job, which was really hard for me to do. I was only working two short mornings per week anyway, but there was just no way we could balance Brinton going to school and working more hours and then finding childcare on top of that. I am glad though that I’ll be able to be with Evan 100% now. He is at an age where he is learning something new every day, and I don’t want to miss a new word, or those first steps.

5. It is crazy, ridiculously, disgustingly hot and humid here right now. I was going to have another fun weekly highlight for my “number five,” but it feels so miserable out right now that I can’t even think of anything else. Oh my goodness I miss air conditioning. I know, I know…first world problems. But we have lived without AC now for three years in one of the hottest and most humid places in the US…sometimes I’m fine with it, but tonight it’s really killing me.

Okay, that’s all! Life is almost back to “normal” here, which means blogging will be soon too. I haven’t posted a recipe in what seems like forever, so I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to be posting next!

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