Eleven Months

My baby boy is eleven months old today which means I only have one month until he becomes a big boy! I don’t think I’m ready for that! Earlier this month I was thinking about my baby shower when I was opening gifts–I remember looking at some of the 9-12 month clothes and thinking it was such a long way away before we would need those outfits…now Evan has grown out of most of them. He keeps growing and changing so quickly! Today I had a total mom moment while Evan was playing–I was just so proud of him and so impressed with how smart he is that I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed. I know, I know…I’m going to be one of those moms who cries at everything.

This month Evan is getting four more teeth. I thought only three were coming in at once, but when I was brushing his teeth tonight I noticed the fourth one just below the surface. I think once his teeth all come in he is going to look like a completely different person! Evan is a speed crawler and a pretty decent cruiser, although he is still too apprehensive to try and stand solo or take a few steps. I’m totally fine with that though! Once he starts walking I know it wont be long before he takes off running, and I’m not quite ready to have to chase him everywhere yet!

Last month I talked about how we love to chase-crawl with each other, and now it has evolved into a new game of hide and seek. I’ll make a big deal about running away and “hiding” somewhere (usually half visible behind his play pen or something like that) and he will squeal and laugh and crawl after me as fast as he can until he finds me. When he finally gets to me the look on his face is absolutely priceless. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of doing something and he’s is playing by my feet, he will suddenly crawl away from me around the corner, giggling the whole time. If I don’t come find him right away, he’ll usually crawl back into the room so I can see him again, turn right back around, and take off one more time. When I do follow him into the other room, he has usually turned around and has sat down waiting for me…as soon as he sees me he giggles and takes off until I catch him! I love it. It’s so adorable and we have so much fun playing his little games.

Evan has also learned how to kiss me! Of course, his kisses involve him diving onto my face with a wide open gaping mouth and just staying there, drool everywhere and laughing. If he weren’t my child and I didn’t positively adore him, I would think it was so gross. He is my baby though, and I love it!

One more month baby boy, and then we throw you a party!

Month 11 FinalEvan smilingEvan close upEvan sitting collageEvan crawling collage

And of course, this is how Evan spent most of our photo shoot…trying to escape! Always on the move this one….

Evan escaping collageI’ll post Evan’s recent favorite things at the beginning of next week!



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