High Five for Friday

Can anyone else believe it is the last Friday in July already?! Complete and utter craziness. I don’t think I will ever not be surprised at how quickly time passes. I had quite a productive week this week–how about you? I hope so!

Okay y’all…let’s get to it.

1. On Saturday my planner came and to say I was excited was an understatement. In the last week I have been experimenting with ways to organize it and what color code I want to use, etc. That might make me sound like a nerd, but I love to be organized so much. Sometimes looking at my apartment you would have NO idea that was true…but we’re working on that. Anyway, it has felt awesome for the last week to start to make myself more organized. I feel a lot more on top of things.

2. On Instagram yesterday I shared a picture of these beautiful plumeria flowers I saw while walking home from a friend’s house. These flowers are all over here in Hawaii, but I always love running into them. These ones were particularly lovely!


3. Evan has decided that he wants to eat completely independently, which makes meal time an epic battle. I am all for him eating independently (maybe I should have better researched baby-led weaning when starting foods with him?) but all that ends up happening is a mess. I’ve tried to move him away from purees and give him almost all table food–after all, he is completely capable of chewing and eating–but half the time all he does is play with it. If I try to go back to a puree-like meal and feed it to him, he grabs the spoon and tries to feed himself…which means it goes allllll over. Yesterday I decided to run with it and teach him how to use a spoon, which was slightly effective, but resulted in this picture. Yes, that is food on his head…and everywhere else. Haha. I’m sure we will figure it out eventually.

Evan eating with a spoon

4. Yesterday Evan and I went swimming, and though it took him a while, he finally really enjoyed himself! Poor baby is usually pretty afraid of the water (except his bath…he loves his bath), but the ocean is just too much for him. I keep telling him he has to like the ocean–he’s a Hawaii baby! Yesterday we went to the pool instead, and after I eased him into it, he had a blast! This kid was the splash king of the pacific. It was adorable to see him having so much fun. Baby steps!

5. This week at Safeway Ben and Jerry’s was on sale and we had two coupons…so we splurged a little. My favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is the Karamel Sutra. It’s half chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces, half vanilla caramel ice cream, and a core of caramel. IT IS SO GOOD. I love the Phish Food flavor too, but I will always always always choose the Karamel Sutra when given the option.

Well, I’m off to have a fun filled weekend with my family! I have no idea what we will be doing and Brinton is working most of the weekend, but I still have a feeling it will be a good one. Tomorrow Evan turns 11 months old! I’ll be sure to post tomorrow morning so you can see his adorable little face again.

Have a great day!

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