Wardrobe Wishes and Wants

This summer it seems like fun florals and bright, crisp, light colors are everywhere. I love the white on white trend right now, and I also love a nice white pair of pants with a bold top or pops of color incorporated throughout the outfit.

Our budget is still pretty tight, so I can’t go out and put together this look quite the way I want to…so the next best option is to window shop! It’s almost just as fun, and it doesn’t hurt my wallet one bit!

While I’m not necessarily wishing for all of these specific pieces, I have wanted this Kendra Scott necklace for forever. I see it on everyone (in the blog world I mean) and I just absolutely love it. It is completely out of my price range, but I have my eye on it for someday. I also really love the Kate Spade studs! I usually tend to gravitate toward larger or dangling earrings, but since Evan loves to grab them and I am really enjoying my ears being attached to my head, I’ve started to wear studs more often. This Michael Kors bag is fabulous too. I’ve been wanting a structured bag for a while now, and I think something this size and shape would fit the bill perfectly.

The kimono trend this summer has completely caught my eye! I love how flowy and breezy they are. I know technically it’s just another layer, but it seems somehow like I would be cooler wearing it. I probably wouldn’t go for this exact one because it has open sleeves starting at the shoulder, but I liked the floral print and the color scheme. And the fedora…so cute. I like the contrast of a structured hat (and bag) with such a flowy top. Strappy heeled sandals seemed to complete the look for me, but I also think a cute wide strap flat sandal would be cute too. I love heels, but sometimes I don’t care if I look short…because I am short. There’s only so much that can be done to help that. Sometimes, I choose comfort over height. I think it’s a good choice.

I also realized after I put this outfit together that I forgot the shirt to go under the kimono! Rather than recreate the image though, I think I would just pair it with a simple blue top–most likely light blue–or even white. I love a clean look!

What are your summer wardrobe wants? What trends are you loving?

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