High Five for Friday!

Well folks, another week has come and gone. This summer is whizzing by! Do I say this every week? I feel like I say this all the time. Oh well. It’s true! Anyway, I have lots of highlights from this week (and some from last week) but I’ll try to keep it somewhat short. Here we go!

1. A few months ago I contacted Kaitlyn at Wifessionals about sharing my birth story. Since Evan was breech, I had to have a C-section. I had a very, very hard time with that. I debated for a long time about whether or not to share my emotional struggle, but in the end I decided I would rather share it and connect with others who might have felt the same way instead of keeping it to myself and feeling guilty for the way I felt about my experience. It really did feel like a confessional writing it, and so I felt that rather than publishing it here, Wifessionals would be the perfect place for it. She just posted it this morning; if you would like to read it, you can click here. Warning…it’s a long read.

2. This weekend our little family is going camping with a bunch of friends on the other side of the island. It will be our first official family camping experience, and I am so excited! I’m not a super outdoorsy person (haha, I hear you laughing mom and dad and sister…) but I have really learned to appreciate all of the awesome things there are to do here in Hawaii…and camping is definitely one of them. I’ll probably end up posting pictures here, or you can follow along on Instagram. I’m going to try to keep my phone off for most of the weekend, but I’ll still share pictures when we get back!

3. Last week was fourth of July, and to celebrate we went box sledding at Kaka’ako and watched fireworks from there. It was Evan’s first time seeing fireworks and luckily, we were far enough away that the noise wasn’t too loud and he wasn’t all freaked out. Haha, he did look a little skeptical (why are there lights flashing in the sky mom?!), but he had a good time. Also, I was able to capture the most amazing sunset on film (do people say ‘on film’ anymore when everything is digital?) Here are some of the pictures…enjoy!

Sunset 3Sunset 4Sunset 1Sunset 2

And one of Evan, because he’s adorable:

Evan in air with daddy

4. My sister just got back from a few months of being gone in Rwanda. I’m so excited that she is home (even though her being home still means she is in North Carolina and still like 6,000 miles away…) so that we can talk more regularly again! It also means we are only weeks away from her Hawaii visit and I’m super excited to see her!!!

5. A few weeks ago I exchanged some makeup at Bare Minerals and got some money back on a gift card. They called me a few days later to remind me that I also have a Friends and Benefits coupon I have to use before Tuesday…so I’m off now to get to the mall and pick up some “free” makeup! Yay!

Okay guys. I’ll see you all next week…I’m off to have a fun, relaxing weekend with my family and our friends. I hope you do the same!

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5 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. I couldn’t seem to leave a comment over at Wifessionals, so I’ll comment here about your birth story. Your post is just what I needed to hear right now. I’m 32 weeks and bub has been breech for a while. Even if she does turn they still think she is too small to cope with a natural birth. I went from not even thinking about a c-section, to reading up on it every day and beginning to mentally prepare myself for this type of birth experience. I’m still upset that I will miss out the natural birth experience, but also trusting that God knows the best way for my bub to arrive safely. Thank you for sharing your story. Glad to know I’m not alone in the way I feel.

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