Favorite Baby Items (9 Months)

I have been trying to pay close attention all month to see if any new baby favorites have popped up, and I have to say, for the most part things have stayed the same. If I were being honest with you, our list of nine month old baby favorites would look like this:

Shoes. The fan. Power strips. Wires to anything. Doorstops. Doors. Drawers. The shower curtain. Measuring cups. Paper. More paper. Daddy’s bike. Daddy’s bike helmet. Mommy’s purse. Every single thing in mommy’s purse (which ironically is no longer fun once it isn’t in mom’s purse anymore). Diapers. Lotion bottles. Pieces of fuzz. Hair, both still attached to people’s heads and strands he finds on the carpet. Boxes. Pictures of babies. The faucet in the tub. The trash can. Everything in the trash can. Cell phones. Pens. The remote control. Water bottles. Wipes. Anything that crinkles. Belts. Anything with a tag (still). The Ergo carrier–when he isn’t in it, of course. Glasses. Earrings. Necklaces. Rings. Zippers. Velcro. Weights. Binder clips. The hole puncher. A ruler. Socks (not his socks, our socks).

I think you’re getting the idea.

I do have a few items that are actually for babies that we liked too! But just a few. His real favorites are things he isn’t supposed to have.

Summer Infant Bibbity Bib
I love this thing. The scoop design is awesome because not only does it catch most of the food that Evan drops while he is eating, but when we are out and about I use it as a “bowl” of sorts and put his puffs directly in it. He is happy as a clam just munchin’ away on them, and I am happy as a clam because I don’t have to sit there and hand him individual puff pieces. It has a little hook-like tab so he can’t rip it off (which is his favorite thing to do with his regular bibs), and that makes my life way easier. Plus, it’s silicone, which is amazing. I just wash it in the sink, dry it, and boom. Done. No mess, no hassle. And way less laundry.

Summer Infant Bibbity Bib

Photo via Summer Infant

Evan in bib

Photo from my husband’s instagram.

Squeaky Toys
Evan loves these. He still isn’t quite strong enough to make most of them squeak on their own, but he knows that they do, which seems to be enough for him. He has one little squeaky orange fishy that he will chew on until kingdom come–he loves it so much. I’m excited for when he realizes he is able to make it squeak himself. I have a feeling the cuteness of it will outweigh the amount the squeaking will drive me crazy. At least for a while, haha.

Oball Rattle
In the last few days Evan has learned how to roll/bounce a ball back and forth with me and Brinton. It is so adorable. We have a few that he likes to use including a soft foam ball and a golf ball, but this one is his favorite. He has loved this ball for a long time because he has been able to grab it so easily and the rattle noise has been fun for him. Since it is so easy for him to grip, he can really bounce this ball far! I love the bright fun color orange too. It comes in a ton of colors and is available at most major retailers. We got ours at Target.

Oball Rattle Orange

Photo via Toys’R’us

I’m pretty sure I mentioned books before in a previous baby favorites post, but they really are still his favorite things. When he is crawling around playing by himself, he will usually crawl over to his book case, take pretty much all of the books off of the shelf and thumb through them, turning page by page. It’s really cute, and it makes my heart happy to know that he already loves to learn.

Evan sitting with books

Photo from my Instagram.

I have the feeling I’m forgetting something that I was thinking of earlier, but oh well! If I remember, I’ll update the post. For now though, this is it!

Come back for my June (grown-up!) favorites on Monday!

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