High Five for Friday

Another week has just breezed right on by! Can you believe the year is already halfway over? I can’t! On to this week’s highlights…

1. About two weeks ago one of my best friends had complications with her pregnancy and had to deliver her baby at just over 31 weeks. Sweet Ellie has been doing so well though, and I read on her blog this morning that she was just able to graduate to an open crib! They have been on my mind pretty much every minute of every day, and I wish I could be back home in NC to help somehow. I’m glad to hear she is progressing well!

2. Last week Evan got his first real sickness and had Hand Foot Mouth Disease. I had never heard of this before I moved here, but apparently its a super common childhood illness. Luckily his case was extremely mild, and he is finally all better. I think he has a few nails that might fall off though…apparently that can happen sometimes. It’s gross to think about, I know. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but I’ll take that over being really sick and having open sores!

3. This week for our mutual activity we took the young women paddle boarding. It was my first time doing it, and oh my goodness I had so much fun. Why have I lived in Hawaii for three years and never done this before?! I told Brinton that we absolutely have to get a sitter for Evan some time soon and do this as a date. I’m excited to go again! We are so lucky to live in Hawaii.


4. Pretty Little Liars has been back for a few weeks now, and even though I was really excited, I’ve kind if felt disappointed with the episodes so far. I feel like it has just been a lot of run-around and almost no plot progression. And my goodness what does Melissa know already?! Just tell us!

5. Today I tried a new hairstyle inspired by Kate from The Small Things Blog. I love her hair ideas, and though they rarely ever look the same on me when I try to do them, I usually still really like how it turns out. So thanks Kate! I used probably about 47 more bobby pins than you did…but oh well! (And yes, I did just take this picture in the bathroom at work just now. That’s how I roll. You can’t really see it extremely well, but my break was almost over and I was rushing.)


Happy weekend everyone!

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