Ten Months

My sweet boy is ten months old today. As I am sitting here typing, he is having a blast playing on the floor with his toys, every now and then crawling over to our ottoman and standing, holding on to it while teeter-tottering around. He is so expressive now and he talks at us all the time! He is so incredible and so smart and I am just in awe of him every day.

How does ten months pass so quickly?! This month his two top teeth finally broke through (they had been sitting at the surface for so long!) and now he has such an adorable toothy little grin. In the last week or so his favorite thing to do is play with his tongue. I think it feels funny when he moves it over his teeth because he is constantly sticking it out and rolling it around in his mouth. He thinks it’s hilarious when we do it back at him too. He has become a very independent eater recently. He isn’t picky at all–he will eat absolutely anything–but if I’m feeding it to him on a spoon he will go crazy and try to grab it out of my hand so he can feed himself. Of course, he has no idea how to use a spoon…so this usually just turns into a big mess. He is a very independent little boy! I’m going to be researching some yummy finger food recipes for him so he can feed himself more often, and when I find a few I love I’ll share them here.

Absolutely nothing stops Evan when he is crawling anymore–he will climb over anything! He now knows that “mama” is me and “dada” is Brinton, but most of the time he still will just say “mamamamama!” to get my attention. He also knows his name and will turn around smiling at me when I say “Evan Jay!” and then he will usually carry on about his business, most often continuing to crawl away to where he knows he isn’t allowed to go. Haha it is so funny to see how he already is testing his boundaries with me. This is going to be such an adventure with him! One of our favorite things to do right now is crawling together. He will start to crawl away and I will chase-crawl after him–he squeals and shrieks, laughing and crawling away as fast as he can. I can barely even crawl after him because I’m laughing so much! His laugh is definitely more than just giggles now, and his belly laugh is so precious. It really is my favorite noise in the whole world.

Ten months old, Evan! Goodness…I already have to start thinking about your first birthday party!

Month 10 FinalTen 4Ten 10Ten CollageTen Silly Face CollageTen Sitting CollageTen 3Ten 6

Tomorrow I’ll post our favorites from month nine! See you then!

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