Fun Florals Flashback

I have a love-hate relationship with florals. I love the idea of flowery prints, but in practicality most of the time I end up feeling like I look like an old lady. Maybe I just haven’t giving it enough of a chance yet? I love seeing this trend on everyone else, but I just haven’t tried very hard to be able to pull this off myself.

This week I decided I wanted to go out on a bit of a limb fashion-wise and try to incorporate the flowery look into my wardrobe, only to realize that I have literally only 3 things in my closet with flowers on them. A dress, a skirt, and an old(er) bathing suit. All three of them have a pretty, bold print, and I realized it has been ages since I have worn any of them. I realized upon discovering them again that I do love the flowers on all of them, and I was glad I didn’t have to go out and spend money to experiment with the trend. It can be so nice to go shopping in your own closet!

The last time I wore this beautiful dress, I was nine months pregnant (yay for stretchy fabric!) I love how crazy comfy the dress is, and the colors–especially the bright turquoise flowers–make me so happy. Why has it been so long since I have worn this?! Maternity 035 squareSkirt close upMaternity 058

When I was pregnant I layered this black top over the dress to better define my belly. Without it the dress was a bit flowy, and since I was wearing it for maternity pictures I wanted as much belly as possible! I wear a lightweight cropped cardigan with it normally to help make it not only a bit more modest but also a more put together look. I’m considering experimenting with altering it and adding sleeves so I don’t have to always wear it with the cardigan, but I might make it into just a skirt instead. I don’t know anything about alterations or sewing, so it would be a great learning experience. Any of your how-to tips or words of wisdom are appreciated!

The best part about the dress? I found it at Ross for a steal of a deal. I love when that happens!

As a side note: I can’t believe my baby turns 10 months old tomorrow. I feel like it was just yesterday we were taking these pictures!
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13 thoughts on “Fun Florals Flashback

  1. Great pics! I especially love the one with the frame in the sand! The colors and graphic print of the dress are totally NOT granny! Don’t you just LOVE Ross! 🙂

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