Reflect Your Style!

When One Kings Lane contacted me about collaborating with them and being part of the Reflect Your Style Campaign, I was so excited! It has been a lot of fun over the past week to browse through their website and look at all of the amazing things they have available–and they have everything! From furniture to accent lighting, and dishes to jewelry, I could literally spend hours going through and creating my dream home.

The challenge they extended to me was to choose one of their beautiful mirrors as my statement piece and style a vanity around it. As they said, the mirror is the centerpiece of any vanity and can really showcase your flair and personality!

I don’t know if it is just because it’s summer now, but recently I have been really into shades of white with a pop of color. Keeping that theme in mind, I found these five pieces that I really love! I picked these pieces because they are all simple but still interesting. The patterns on the tray and the rug really caught my eye. I am such a sucker for patterns like this…sometimes I have to watch myself that I don’t go overboard! I think these complement each other nicely though. And the studs on that stool? So cute! I also really like how the wood around the mirror and the wood in the table contrast each other. I don’t like when things get too matchy-matchy. I think this would be a lovely, bright, clean and simple vanity set-up!

Check out One Kings Lane and their awesome selection of mirrors for you to style your own vanity around!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by One Kings Lane, however I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own.



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