DIY Beaded Necklaces

When you’re on a budget, it can be much less expensive and way more fun to get creative and make jewelry rather than buy it. And why not? These necklaces are so easy to make! I will say, I am completely new to the jewelry making world, so it is completely possible that there are much easier or more correct ways to do this. That being said…this process seems to have worked for me. I also know that there are lots of tools dedicated entirely to beading and jewelry making, but I don’t have any of those. My husband, however, has a wide variety of tools…and now they are used to both work on the car and make necklaces. Haha. Hey, it works.

What you’ll need:

What you need

Beading wire, seed beads, crimp beads, jump hooks, clasps, and a pliers of some sort. You’ll also need scissors, but I forgot to add them in the picture!

I didn’t know how these were going to turn out since this was my first attempt at jewelry making, so instead of buying everything separately I bought this “value pack” that had most things included. Next time I’ll just buy crimp beads, jump hooks, and closures separately. By the way, I got all of this stuff at Walmart, so you don’t need to live by a craft store to find these things–I certainly don’t! Hawaii could use some good craft stores…

Anyway, I started by deciding how long I wanted the necklace to be and cutting off a section of beading wire. I taped off one of the ends and then strung on all of the beads; for the bright green necklace this was simple! I made all of the strings of beads the same length and all the same color, so there really wasn’t much guesswork. For the layered necklace it was a bit trickier getting everything the right length and spacing the beads correctly. I really don’t have advice for this part. It was just a lot of guesswork. If any of you have a good way to do this, I would love to hear your tips!

After I had everything beaded and taped off, I threaded the ends through a crimp bead, looped it, and fed the ends through the bead again, like so: Crimp bead loop collage

Once the loops were formed and the beads crimped, I threaded them onto a jump hook so I could attach the clasps. I only took pictures of the green necklace for some reason. Note for the green necklace: I wanted it to be braided, so after the loops were on the hook, I braided the three “sections” I had made (each section has three strands of beads), and was sure to put the loops on the second jump hook in the right order for it to stay braided properly.  Finishing necklace

I wanted to make the green necklace adjustable, so I added quite a long chain to it. After I took these pictures and actually wore the necklace, I realized I had made it slightly too long, so I took off a few of the chains and made it shorter. The white necklace I wanted only one length, so I attached the clasps directly to the jump hook instead of a chain.

Here are the finished products!

Finished necklace collageI really like the way the turned out! I still have a lot to learn, but I’m having so much fun doing it!

I have a feeling that I’m going to be spending a lot more time browsing Pinterest now for more ideas. And I’d love to hear your suggestions as to what I should make next!


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