All About Accessories

Sometimes a very simple outfit can look complete and tied together just by adding jewelry, a cute bag, or a nice pair of shoes. Accessories really have this transforming power that make simple pieces become so versatile! Personally, I don’t have it in my budget right now to accessorize quite like I want to sometimes, but I am grateful for that because it has helped inspire me to get creative instead! I have been really into making my own jewelry lately–it is way less expensive and it has been so much fun creating things. This necklace was super simple to make and barely took any time at all. My ring was a little trickier, but I made it forever ago so I don’t really remember exactly how I did it. I’ll try and re-vamp my process so I can share it with you soon!Necklace close up

I love this outfit. The top is such a pretty color and I love the flowery detail at the top! This look transforms nicely from work to play as well–this morning I wore it to work with a nice skirt and belt, and when I came home I switched to jeans and was ready to go. I forgot to take a picture of the work outfit…but I’m sure I’ll be wearing this again, so I’ll make sure to do it next time!Whole outfitBag and nails

Come back tomorrow for my easy DIY’s for both this necklace and the bright lime green braided necklace from last week’s outfit post! See you then!

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