High Five for Friday

This week has been a really great week! Today is super busy for me (not because I have that much to do…mostly because I have a nine month old who wont nap because he would rather stand in his crib and yell and when he is up he is constantly on the move) so, let’s just get right to it because I don’t have a lot of time!

1. This week I have been super on top of the blog. It feels good to have a creative outlet, and even better to be organized with my posts!

2. Erin Condren announced today (finally!) when her new 2014/2015 life planners are coming out in June! I am so excited. I’ve never had her planner before but I have wanted one for such a long time! *Celebrate!*


Image via Facebook

3. I have an awesome new nail design that I have been working on, and hopefully will be able to do tonight when my little monkey goes to sleep. It was inspired by this picture (which I have posted on the blog before, but it’s so beautiful I wanted to post it again). My husband is such a good photographer, isn’t he?

footprints in the sand BJJ

4. Like I mentioned before, Evan has had a really hard time getting to sleep for the past few weeks. Now that he knows how to stand in his crib, he stands and cries instead of settling himself back to sleep like he used to. Naps are the hardest, but he usually wakes once in the middle of the night too and that hasn’t been much fun either. I was thinking that it was because he didn’t know how to get back down, but he can get down from standing when he is playing during the day. I just don’t know what to do to help him get back to sleeping well. If anyone has any tips on how to get through this phase, I would love to hear your advice.

5. This week I tweeted my outfit post with the hashtag #OldNavyStyle, and Old Navy saw my blog and tweeted me back! I thought that was super cool! Haha it made my day.

Dressy vs Casual Collage

Okay, folks. I actually have more highlights that I wanted to share, but that makes 5 and currently my baby and husband are playing with Jenga blocks…like this:

Evan with jenga blocks

I’m gonna go play too! Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to come back tomorrow for my combined April and May favorites post!

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4 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

    • I think a statement necklace has been one of my favorite purchases. It really can transform a whole outfit! I usually find mine at Forever 21 and they are pretty affordable.

      Thanks for visiting me back!

  1. How cool that Old Navy tweeted you back?! But, how could they not? You killed it!! I’m contemplating purchasing Erin’s planner this year for the first time… Just hurts dropping that kind of $$$ on a planner.

    • Aw, thanks! That’s so nice of you to say that. And it was so cool! I never expected that they would actually see it, let alone tweet me!

      I know the EC planners are so expensive…that’s been my hesitation too. But I decided I still really want it anyway because I feel like investing that much in something will really motivate me to be consistent in my planning and organizing. The ones coming out in June are 18 month planners, so I know I’ll get good use out of it. If you do the math, even if you get one of the gold edition ones which are more expensive, it comes out to less than a dollar a week to stay organized (and only 64 cents a week for the regular planners). That helps me to feel like it’s a little more affordable. Plus…they are just so pretty. Haha. Everything is so bright and cheery and I think it will really make me want to use it. Hopefully if I do take the plunge I’ll love it as much as I’ve built it up in my head.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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