Favorite Baby Items (8 Months)

Our favorites this month have been mostly food related. And, honestly, most of Evan’s favorite things recently are all things he isn’t supposed to have. You know, things like remote controls, cell phones, daddy’s bicycle, board games, the trash can, cardboard boxes, paper, anything that makes a crinkle sound, the door-stop on the back of the door, and anything he can get his hands on so he can put it in his mouth. Exhausting, isn’t it? Excluding all of those items, here are some mom-approved things that Evan has been loving this last month.

Baby Puffs
Since Evan is all about being independent and feeding himself, these puffs have been a hit. He loves them, and sometimes I have to intervene as he tries to stuff four or five in his mouth at a time. I like them because they dissolve pretty quickly so I don’t have to be too worried about him choking on them, and they are great to help him learn how to chew and swallow larger pieces of food. They are also a really convenient snack on the go, and they are relatively healthy, so I don’t feel too bad about how much he likes them. I haven’t tried the Gerber brand, but we have tried the ones from Happy Family and Plum Organics. The Happy Family ones come in a much bigger container, but they kind of have a nothingness/cardboard after-taste. I prefer the Plum Organics ones because I think they taste way better…although I suppose they aren’t really supposed to be my snacks…

ImageBaby Food Puree Pouches
I really love these for Evan. He gobbles them up! He’s had to deal with a bit of a learning curve when figuring out how to eat them, but I think he has finally discovered that he can suck on the end and get the puree out that way. At first he was just trying to chew on the tip and wasn’t getting anything out…and that frustrated him a lot. He’s learning! I like them because they are super easy to take with me places, they are resealable (although we never have any left over to have to save for later), and they have great flavor combinations. Most of them have a nice balance of fruit and veggies too, which makes sneaking in those veggies that Evan doesn’t prefer a lot easier. The ones we have been using are the Mom to Mom brand from Safeway, but these pouches have become super popular so I’m sure your store has a local brand as well. In fact, I have even seen at home pouches that you can fill with your own puree and reuse, which I think is super cool. If I end up ordering some and trying them out, I’ll let you know how I like them.

I wrote about mirrors last month, but Evan still loves them! This kid just loves looking at himself.

Books with faces
Evan really loves to look at faces. He will literally giggle to himself when he sees smiling baby faces and then try to get as close to them as possible (sometimes he puts his face directly on the books) and babbles like crazy. He also loves stuffed animals that have smiling faces. We have a happy frog that is as big as he is that he really loves, and we also have a Charlie Brown doll that he always smiles at. The Charlie Brown doll actually looks a lot like him…and it too is almost as big as he is. Maybe he thinks it’s a friend? Haha I don’t know. I’m still trying to work on getting pictures of our family so I can create a board book of family-faces for him, but for now it’s more of an idea than it is a work in progress.

This Remote Control
As I racked my brain for anything else I could think of that really stood out as something Evan uses all the time, the only other thing I could think of was this remote for our fan. I usually only let him play with it if he has his pacifier in so he doesn’t try to eat it. Don’t worry…we always closely supervise him to make sure he doesn’t somehow figure out how to get to the batteries. He will sit and press the buttons, and every time he presses them he looks up at the fan to see if it worked. Every time he realizes that he is in fact controlling the fan, he has this look of pure joy on his face. It’s the little things, you know?

fan remote controlI have two main “wants” for this next month. To find a bib that will catch all of the food Evan drops while he is feeding himself (and preferably one he can’t rip off easily), and to find a play pen or something of the sort that will help keep him safely in one area but still give him room to move around and play. I saw on the Summer Infant facebook page that they are coming out with a new, lightweight, portable play yard that I am super excited about, so hopefully it will be at a reasonable price point and we can make that one work for us. Our apartment is so tiny that it is somewhat difficult to baby-proof. We have had to think of creative storage solutions for a lot of our things, and it would be so nice to have a safely guarded circle around Evan so I don’t have to be pulling him off of Brinton’s bike every three minutes. I’ll let you all know how that works out, and in the mean time I’m open to suggestions for a bib!



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    • Haha yes, they are my nails! Thank you! I’m kinda obsessed with nail art. Still a novice, but I’m working on it. I post my designs on here every now and then too! I’m doing beach nails this weekend…so fun!

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