High Five for Friday

Another week has flown by! I don’t completely understand how my days seem so long sometimes, but my weeks seem so short. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s celebrate the weekend, shall we?

1. I am working on several DIY craft projects right now and I am super excited about them. It has been way way WAY too long since I have had the opportunity to be crafty and I am having a great time allowing myself to take the time to work on some things that I love. A lot of the projects I’m working on are kind of an experiment and I’m learning a lot by trial and error, but I feel like that’s the best way to do it sometimes. I can’t wait to share some of my successes (and probably the failures, too!) with you all. Here’s a small preview!


2. Since Evan was born in August, I have taken over 9GB worth of pictures and movies of him…just on my phone. In the last week or so I have been getting notifications that I can no longer send/receive text messages, download new apps, or take any new pictures or videos because of the limited space. Even though I keep all of my photos backed up to Google+ photos, I have been really nervous to actually delete them from my phone. Those pictures are Evan’s whole life! My wonderful (and very patient, haha) husband took the time to physically move all of the files from my phone to his computer too so that I would know that they were in a few places and not just in the cloud, and then finally deleted them from my phone. So, hooray to receiving messages and emails again! Sorry if I haven’t responded to you in the last few days friends…I’ll catch up tomorrow!

3. I am working on an awesome, nay, an epic cake for a co-worker this weekend. I am really excited about it and I hope it turns out. Either way…you will see pictures. Because it is either going to be so ridiculously fabulous that you will be crazy impressed with my skills, or it will be such a failure that we can all have a good laugh. Either way…stay tuned on Tuesday!

4. Last week I was looking forward to some “me-time” to do my nails and I’m happy to say I was able to pamper myself after I put Evan to bed. I love this mani…super simple, but still perfect for spring and classy. Plus it looks good on short nails! You can see my post all about Sensationail and why I love (at home!) gel manicures here.

5. Remember that Yoga Challenge I said I started a few weeks back? Well…I did start it. And that was it. I did day one. Haha. The second day I was supposed to do it was crazy, and the exercise for day two was focusing on positive, happy energy and I was just in a bad mood and didn’t feel like doing it. So, last week I re-started the challenge (much more successfully might I add), and I am really enjoying myself. I definitely have a long way to go as far as how flexible and strong I am, but I feel like this is a nice low impact way that I can ease myself back into an exercise routine…because if I’m being honest, I really haven’t done anything to get off my butt and back into shape after Evan came along. I dropped all of the baby weight a few months after he was born, but it’s time to get toned again. I’m nearly 9 months postpartum…I have no more excuses! Do any of you have any suggestions for a workout program or plan? I’d love to know!

Okay…it’s time to go bake a cake. Fingers crossed this turns out well!

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