High Five for Friday!

It’s Friday again (don’t the weeks seem to just speed by sometimes?) and I am in a great mood today! I haven’t been blogging quite as much as I have wanted to lately…mostly because I never sat down and planned out my May blogging calendar (or my menu plan, for that matter) so I’ve kind of been lacking any kind of organization or direction. That, and my little man’s naps have kind of been all over the place, so it has been hard to find the time to actually sit and write. But, oh well! Maybe I’ll be able to find some time to get myself together this weekend and organize my life a bit. But for now, here are the highlights from this past week!

1. My friend Abi had her baby on Mother’s day! George is such a cutie pie and I am so happy for her and Mark. It makes me miss them even more to know I can’t snuggle that little squishy baby face! Oh Hawaii…why do your islands have to be so far apart? Congrats friends!

2. A few weeks ago I was so bad and picked off my gel manicure instead of taking it off properly…and then a week or two later I did it again. Needless to say, my nails were in pretty bad shape, and I had no one to blame but myself. My nails have been naked since then and I have been missing having a fun mani! Examining them this morning I think that they are finally restored to good condition, which means I see some me-time in my future so I can finally paint them again! Yay!

3. Today, I am going to clean my house. Out with the clutter, y’all. I’m tired of it.

4. These boys…oh my goodness. I love them. Brinton has been loving his new job and doing really well at it, and in the last week Evan has learned how to crawl, how to go from laying down to sitting up all on his own, and how to pull himself up to standing in the crib so he can stare at us and “talk” at us until we wake up to get him. Haha. It has been a big week…which is maybe why Evan hasn’t been sleeping well. Earlier this morning I was telling Brinton about how all the baby sleep sites I see say that there is a normal sleep regression around 4 months, and again around 7/8/9 months, and he interrupted me and said, “I think I’m having my 26 year sleep regression, which I believe to be 100% correlated to the 8 month sleep regression you speak of.” I seriously cracked up for like 5 minutes. So true…so true.

Image5. My grandma turned 88 years old on Wednesday! I wish I didn’t live so far away so that I could have been there to celebrate with her. Sometimes it really is hard being so far away from home. I love you Grandma!

ImageImageImageI hope you all have a great weekend! Like I said, hopefully I’ll get a little more organized this weekend and be around here more often. I have some yummy recipes I’ve been dying to share with you, and some craft projects too!

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