First Mother’s Day in Pictures

“Making life a bliss complete, when there’s love at home…” That’s the thought that came into my mind this morning as I watched my baby boy and husband playing with one another, all three of us giggling and smiling, just so…happy. I have felt so loved this whole weekend as we celebrated my first official Mother’s Day with Evan actually here. I was pregnant with him last year, but actually having him in my arms this year made everything even more special. My boys celebrated me all weekend long, and it was so nice. Small, simple, but fabulous.

Mother's Day Shirt

My beautiful shirt! My husband says it was, “made 100% by Evan,” haha.


Gourmet hot dogs and the most amazing fries from Hank’s on Saturday night.


German Waffles for breakfast!


Me and Evan after I was pampered at a Bare Minerals Boutique event on Friday.


Such a beautiful rose (and fun effects that Brinton was playing around with).

I wish I had gotten a picture of our delicious Mother’s Day dinner! My friend Tami and I had our husbands cook us a delicious dinner of pasta alfredo, and it was so yummy! The next time I make the sauce, I’ll go ahead and make sure to share the recipe with you all!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend as well!


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