To You, Mom

My mother is amazing. I look up to her like no other woman I know. My whole life, it has always been a running joke that I am my mother’s clone. We look alike, act alike, think alike, have the same bad knee, have an identical pair of beauty marks on our leg…you get the picture. And every time we discover something else the same, we all roll our eyes and laugh and say, “oh big surprise!” But now that I am older, every time I discover something about myself that is the same as my mom, I am proud. I am so much my mother’s daughter. I feel so honored and so blessed that I am so much like her. She is my hero, my confidant, my advice-giver, the person on whom I use up most of my cell phone minutes, my role model, my marinara sauce supplier, my personal baking consultant, the person who has always picked me up when I was down, the person who has always helped to make me better, my example of faith, my cheerleader, my support, my rehearsal partner for so many roles in theatre, my exemplar of what it means to be a wife and mother, my pre-school art collector, the voice of discipline when I needed to be yelled at, my motivator, my teacher, my doctor, my nose-petter, my voice of reason, my boo-boo kisser and heartbreak mender, my example of hard work, my anchor that keeps me grounded and the wings that help me fly. She is, simply put, the best mom there is, and no amount of words I write here could possibly sum up everything she is and everything she has done for me.

Before I became a mother myself, I don’t think I could have possibly understood the sacrifices this wonderful woman has made for me and for our family. Every day I learn more regarding how to be a mom, and in each moment, I realize the fantastic blessing, burden, responsibility, and sacrifice of what the title of mom really means. My sweet boy is only eight months old and I know I have only seen the tip of the iceberg of mothering, but I hope I can continue to become more like my mom every day.

Mom, I love you. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, everything you do for me, and everything you still have to teach me. I am so grateful that you are my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!


PS Mom, this is still one of my favorite photos of us. Maybe ever. If I were home I would have included a bunch of baby and mama pictures too, but alas, I am not. PPS we didn’t take enough pictures of us at Christmas. Let’s fix that on the next visit. Love!


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