Eight Months

This little boy! It’s amazing how much he has changed in just a month. Earlier this week he pulled up for the first time! He isn’t quite crawling yet though. He will dive forward over himself, but he isn’t really sure how to stay up on his knees, so he usually just ends up on his belly and wiggles and stretches where he wants to go. There is so such thing as sitting still anymore…now that he has figured out that he is even a little bit mobile he is on the move constantly! Since last month, his second tooth has broken through and he is still chewing on everything, so I’m expecting a few more teeth to break through somewhat soon even though none are visible under his gums yet. He is a super happy little boy! The last few days he has been playing and just smiling and almost laughing to himself. It’s so adorable. His new favorite “trick” is making silly noises with his mouth. It would be too hard for me to explain in words, but if you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook there is a cute video of it! He is getting more and more hair, but it still looks like he is completely bald because it’s all super blonde, just like his daddy was when he was a baby. I love watching him grow and learn, especially when he examines everything so intently. Oh, and he is completely fascinated by the water coming out of the faucet when we fill his bath. He just can’t understand why it makes such a loud noise and he can see it, but he can’t grab it. He fights tooth and nail to try to climb out of his laundry basket (which we use as a tub…thanks “parent hacks” site on facebook!) to put his hands under it and hold it. Speaking of which…he is super strong. Or I am super weak. One or the other haha. Let’s go with him being strong. Happy 8 months baby boy!
Month 8 Final8 months close up 8 month collage close up 8 months collage sitting 8 month collage8 months 1Also, if I were more coordinated, I would have had him wear this shirt for 9 months…since it has a 9 on it and all. But, I’m not…and I had already taken all of the pictures when I realized it. I thought about changing him and taking them all over again, but it was almost nap time and I didn’t think he would be up for that. Then I considered photoshopping the 9 into an 8…and then I realized I was crazy and the number on his shirt really doesn’t matter. There’s no such thing as perfection, right? And, that’s okay.

On Monday I’ll be posting Evan’s favorite things from this last month (month 7). See you then!



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