Favorite Baby Items (6 months)

When I was creating my registry, I found it so helpful to read about what other moms loved and used all the time. Lucie’s List was my go to website when I needed a quick opinion about something. I’ve decided that now that I have a few months of mommy-hood under my belt I wanted to add my two cents about which products we love. Since I stopped blogging through the end of my pregnancy and Evan’s first few months, I will try to go back and do a recap post of newborn favorites and the items we got the most use out of for the first few months too. And if any of you have suggestions for favorite items that you love and think we should try, let me know in the comments!

Just a heads up: We pretty much rely on Amazon for a majority of our purchases, because sometimes finding things in Hawaii is really difficult, or when we find it the price is marked up so high that it is just as convenient to order it online. For that reason, all of the pictures will be linked to a website!

Here they are! Month 6 favorites:

Munchkin Spoons
These spoons are inexpensive but durable, and the tip is soft enough that I don’t have to worry about Evan hurting himself as he gets used to eating solid food. The bright colors attract his attention, and I feel comfortable letting him play with the spoon (supervised, of course) after he is done eating. We use the Munchkin bowls as well, but I kind of feels like bowls are bowls, you know? I’m sure I’ll start to feel differently when we let him start feeding himself, but we aren’t quite there yet. You can get these on Amazon if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, but they are sold pretty much everywhere including Walmart and Target.

Picture via Amazon

Picture via Amazon

Vtech Sliding Song Bead Maze
Oh my goodness. Evan could play with this for hours. My husband and I both have all of the songs memorized, and I find myself humming them throughout the day. It isn’t the most annoying children’s toy I have heard…but be warned that it may drive you crazy. That being said, Evan absolutely loves it. All of the different parts are interactive, and it lights up as well. We actually received this second hand from some friends who were moving to the mainland, but you can get it on Amazon, or I’m sure at your local toy store too.

Picture via Amazon

Picture via Amazon

Lamaze Discovery Shapes, Activity Puzzle and Crib Gallery
My in-laws got this for Evan for Christmas last year and he loves playing with it. I don’t like to keep anything in his crib because I want him to know that when he is in his crib it is time for sleep, but sometimes if I need just 10 minutes to shower and get dressed, I’ll tie this to the side of the crib and let him play. Right now his crib is the only place in our apartment where he can’t get into any kind of mischief, so this is the perfect distraction for him! He is so intrigued by the black and white pattern on the one side and thoroughly enjoys chewing on the animals that hang down. Some rattle, one squeaks, and they all are the perfect size for his tiny hands. Most of the time he is sitting up, playing with it in his lap in our main room, and I’m sure as he gets older he will figure out that it can be a puzzle too. Available from the Tomy website or at Toys R Us.

Photo via Amazon

Picture via Amazon

Dr. Seuss Board Books
I love the Dr. Seuss books (board books or not) because they are so colorful and have such a fun rhythm to them when you read them. The board books are super convenient though, because now that Evan has quite a grip I don’t have to worry about him getting too excited and ripping the pages out. Plus, I don’t mind if he ends up chewing on the corners–because board books are supposed to be well loved, right? Again, we found most of ours second hand from friends or community book fairs, but you can buy them at Target, Amazon, etc.

Photo via Target

Picture via Target

Anything with a tag
Seriously…anything. A blanket. Every toy. Stuffed animals. His bibs. Towels. His clothes. A tiny stuffed cow from Chick-fil-a that my mom gave us when we went home for Christmas. If it has a tag, he will find it, and he will chew on it until it is so soaking wet that you can ring it out. Apparently though chewing on tags is popular enough that someone had the brilliant idea to create “Taggies,” which are toys and blankets with tags all over them. Why was I not the person to come up with this?! We haven’t purchased anything like that–though I’m sure Evan would think he hit the tag jackpot, but really…anything and everything has a tag, so I’m not going to spend money buying tags. As a gift, that’s awesome! But its not on my priority list of purchases to make.

So, there you have it. Pretty much what I have learned during month 6 is that while it is important to have toys and things that help baby’s development, Evan will pretty much play with everything. We use a laundry basket in the bath now that he can sit up well (you have probably seen that idea on one of those “parenting hacks” websites that circulates through social media), and his favorite toys in the bath are a rattle and a cup. That free Chick-fil-a cow he has is his go to favorite, and he loves examining our toes. Bottom line: if you have the money to spend on baby toys, that’s awesome! Go for it! But if money is tight, find a few safe objects for baby to play with, and you will be golden. And if all else fails, find something with a tag.


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