Seven Months

This baby boy is growing up so quickly and changing so much! Since turning 6 months old, he has started solids (he is consistently eating bananas, carrots, pears, and oatmeal), has cut his first tooth (and the second one is visible below his gums), he is learning how to play peek-a-boo (which is the cutest thing ever), and says “mamamamamamama” all the time now. Sometimes he will even say “mama” and “mom” (of course he has no idea what he is saying…but I like to pretend that my baby is a genius, haha). He is starting to figure out that he can roll over multiple times and wiggle to where he wants to go, and he is so incredibly curious about the world around him. He just wants to explore everything! His little giggles warm my heart in a way that no other sound on Earth could, and each day I feel more and more blessed that I have the privilege of being his mother. Oh, and he is finally getting some hair again!

ImageImageImageImageOh that little smile gets me every time!

Keep an eye out for my Favorite Baby Items (6 Months) post! It should be up by the end of the week, and when it goes live I’ll link it here.

Thanks for being here!


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