Today, Evan turned six months old. Can you believe it?! I know I can’t. I feel like it was just yesterday we were finding out that we were pregnant, and now we are already celebrating his half-birthday. Crazy! We celebrated by spending the afternoon at the beach and then eating half-birthday cake tonight with some friends and some young women from our ward. It was a great day…though I’m sure Evan would have loved to get a taste of his own cake. Haha.

All within the same weekend (last weekend), Evan figured out how to roll from his back to his belly (he has been able to go front to back for a while now), and how to sit up unsupported. It was a big week! Now that he realizes he can be somewhat mobile, I can’t leave him alone for two seconds! Two days ago I put him on his tummy-time blanket to sit and play with one of his favorite toys, and in the 30 seconds it took me to go into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of water, he had gone from sitting, to rolling to his belly, to rolling to his back, and grabbing at the seat belt of his bouncer to get himself close to it so he could play with the buttons. Seriously?! Mind you, Hawaii living means our apartment is pretty tiny, so at least he can’t get too far. But still…he gave me a little preview into the coming months of his increasing mobility, and I think I definitely have my hands full.

Now that he is sitting up on his own, he is having a ton of fun playing at bath time. He loves leaning over the edge of his bath watching the water swirl out of his tub into the big tub. He finds it absolutely fascinating. It’s adorable. He is now babbling nonstop, sometimes extremely loudly (I’m looking at you, Cassi…) and it is sometimes hilarious to listen to him “converse” with us. He has also started doing this adorable lip popping sound…kind of like he is creating suction on his bottom lip over and over again…hard to describe but so cute to watch. If I can catch it on camera I’ll share a video. Almost every morning I wake up to find him in a completely different position than when I laid him down the night before. It has kind of become a game to guess what position he will be in before we look in his crib. Silly boy! And speaking of sleep…he is a champ! He now falls asleep completely on his own after we go through our nighttime routine, and will usually sleep for 10 to 11 hours. Because he is ready for solids but we haven’t started yet, he has recently started occasionally waking up once or twice to eat. I’m guessing once he starts getting solid food he will completely ditch the night feedings, and hopefully sleep up to 12 hours. We are still working on day time naps, but in general he does pretty well. Other than that, he is even more smiley than ever and it makes my heart melt when he smiles so big. I love that he smiles at everyone too. I feel like it makes people feel special when he is so friendly and interactive. I know eventually he will probably start feeling the “stranger danger,” but until then I am really enjoying his super friendly demeanor. 

Up to this point, Evan has been exclusively breastfed, and though our doctor said we could start solids at the four month mark, he encouraged us to continue solely breastfeeding until six months since Evan was striving on milk alone. I’m pretty sure Evan is way ready for solids now–he is already working on his puppy-dog face to try and get what he wants–and he has been staring us down pretty intensely around meal times for a few weeks now. I am super excited to finally start! I’m hoping to make most of my baby food…but we will see what happens when it comes down to actually doing it. Sometimes I have such high expectations in my head that I put way too much pressure on myself to live up to everything I think I’m “supposed” to be doing. In the end, I get stressed out and feel like I have let everyone down when in reality the only one who made me feel pressured was myself. Either way, I hope I can follow through on this particular goal, but if not, life is too short to live it stressing out, you know?

Anyway, here he is! Six months and awesome. I’m afraid if I blink he will be on his way to college. *Sigh* Emotional mom moment? Always.

Month 6 Final

Six month close up

Six month collage 1

Six month collage 2

Six month collage 3Goodness I love this little face!!!


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