The First Five Months

The day we became parents was so surreal. Suddenly we had a tiny, precious, adorable, little squooshy (yes that’s a word) baby in our arms, and it became our job to make sure that he had everything that he needed. I fell in love with him so quickly. He just took my breath away. The other evening as I was trying to organize my maternity photos, I took some time to look through all of the photos we took the first few days at the hospital and I felt overwhelmed with love for our little boy. I am so glad we took some videos of those first few days as well, because I have loved going back and watching them. I cannot believe how quickly Evan has grown! My whole life everyone has always told me that time flies, and as my pregnancy sped by I really started to believe them. Now that Evan has come into our lives and is already about to turn a half year old, I can honestly say that I am not prepared for how quickly life speeds by! I feel like his newborn phase passed by in the blink of an eye. 

Though I loved his tiny baby phase, I have to say that months four and five have been such an adventure. He is finally at a point where he can really interact, both with us and the world around him, and it is SO much fun watching him grow and learn. Sometimes the things he does are just so silly! My favorite is when he makes me laugh, and then he laughs at me laughing, and we just keep laughing and laughing for absolutely no reason whatsoever. In the future I am going to aim to be more consistent with his month to month and milestone updates, but for now, since I am still playing catch-up…here are pictures. Haha.





Evan turns 6 months on Wednesday, so I’ll post again later this week!


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