Random Wednesday: No Right on Red?


I don’t know about y’all, but this sign amuses me almost every time I see it. I wouldn’t say I am an experienced traveler by any means, but I have taken my fair share of road-trips around the USA, and Hawaii is the only place I have ever seen this sign. I just think it’s so silly! Unless a sign blatantly says “No Right Turn,” isn’t the general rule that as long as you stop first you can go? I just feel like it’s common sense and this sign is so unnecessary. Our first few weeks here in Hawaii we were driving our rental car around while we were looking for a place to live and almost every single time I would yell at Brinton, “No! You can’t turn here!” and then realize that yes, in fact, he could. Funny enough, when Brinton’s parent’s came to visit us last December, they did the same thing as we were driving around town…”You weren’t supposed to turn there!” And we would respond in chorus…”Yes we can…” Haha. It’s such a silly, silly sign.

One of my favorite segments on the Ellen show is her “What’s wrong with these signs?” clip. In the interest of being amused…are there any ridiculous signs (road-sign or other) around your neighborhood that make you laugh? Let me know!

Linking up with Shanna today! I realize everyone else linking up with her is probably talking about an adorable summer outfit or an awesome accessory…but I chose to be extra random on Random Wednesday and talk about road-signs. Awesome? Yes. Awesome.


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