Fiesta Bean Salad

Summer is officially here, which means I have been in the market for recipes that don’t require me to be standing over a hot stove or oven preparing dinner. Of course, living in Hawaii these kinds of recipes are welcome all year round, but there is something about this Hawaiian humidity that really makes summer feel like summer. This bean salad is delicious, light and refreshing. Even Brinton said he loved it, and he doesn’t even like black beans!


Can you taste all of that flavor just by looking at it?! Not only is this super yummy, but it’s very quick to make and there is no cooking involved at all. I kept a big tupperware full of this salad in the fridge so we could just grab a few scoops here and there to make our meals more interesting. It was so convenient to be able to just put a scoop of this over our taco meat the other night when we had burritos! And of course, once again, this is a diabetes friendly recipe! Low on carbs, way healthy, and crazy flavorful!

What you need:

Bean Salad Collage

Ready for instructions? Chop it all up, drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil (not pictured, sorry!) and season with salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste. Easy peasy, right? If you are interested in proportions, this recipe is really forgiving, and it’s great because you can add more of a veggie you love, not add one if you don’t prefer it, or add another veggie entirely. I personally used one can of black beans, rinsed and drained, half a bag of frozen corn kernels (about one and one-thirds cup), and just under half of the red onion. I chopped up the whole green pepper, cucumber, and all three tomatoes. I would have loved to add some red, yellow, or orange peppers too, but they were way too expensive at my local grocery store and I was trying to keep to a budget. I like the lime flavor as well, so I squeezed the whole lime on top and mixed. I meant to add some garlic too, but I had completely forgotten (what kind of Italian am I?!) and it tasted delicious enough for me to not feel the need to throw it in.

Carb count: about 8 grams of carbs per half cup scoop. My measurements are based off of the specific beans and corn that I used, divided by 13 half cup portions that the salad made. If you add more or less or a certain ingredient, you may want to double check your carb count!

What are some of your favorite light and refreshing summer recipes? Leave me a comment with a link and I’ll go check it out!


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