Baby Bump: Week 30


Week 30! In the blink of an eye, it’s here! The weeks no longer start with the number 2…which means these last 10 weeks are sure to fly by. My pregnancy is already three-quarters of the way over, which makes me both sad and excited. Being pregnant is something I am really enjoying (even with all of the aches, pains, and diabetes), but I am beyond excited to be able to hold our little boy and see his sweet face. Yesterday we finally got a box in the mail of a bunch of Brinton’s old baby clothes and blankets. He was so cute as we looked through all of his old things and tried to imagine baby boy wearing them. Our apartment isn’t big enough that baby will have his own room or nursery, but I am so excited to start decorating his corner of our room! We are still putting together our baby registry, but I realized just the other day that it’s starting to get close and we need some stuff! It will be really fun to see it all start to come together so we can have everything ready before baby makes his big debut.

Pregnancy update (physical stuff): this week, just tiredness. I physically get tired by the end of the day, even just working my normal shift. Also, I am carrying baby pretty much only right in front, so it’s starting to make my back ache. Yesterday was the first day that my belly felt heavy, like it was pulling my upper abdominal muscles down, which made them feel pretty tender by the end of the day. I’m feeling better today, but I’m considering looking into getting one of those pregnancy support bands since I still have 10 weeks to go. Have any of you used those before? Did they help?

Also, baby gets the hiccups all the time…usually several times a day. At first it was really cute because I could watch my whole belly twitch, but now I can’t help but just feel bad for the little guy! After he has had them for a while he always starts squirming around, so I can’t help but think that they are making him uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be? I’ve also heard that babies who get the hiccups in utero a lot have a greater tendency to have acid reflux issues as newborns, so I hope that isn’t the case here. I’ve had my first experience with heartburn during this pregnancy and it’s not fun. I wouldn’t want my little guy to have to deal with that!

Anyway, that’s the update for week 30! Our next appointment is Monday morning, and then the appointment after that we get to have another ultrasound. Hopefully this time we can see him a lot better than the first ultrasound we had!

9 thoughts on “Baby Bump: Week 30

  1. Tinley had hiccups ALL THE TIME in my belly…and after she was born, and still gets them, especially when I make her laugh really hard. No acid reflux issues though! Ps I was about to push enter and she got them again, she snuck up on me from behind the couch and thought she was so funny….hiccups!

    • Haha that made me laugh! And good to know! I guess we will just have to wait and see if baby will avoid the reflux too. I know I can’t do anything to help stop the hiccups now, but when he is a newborn, is there anything I can do to help them go away?

      • I do not know of a way to make then go away. By the time Bradley was born, he was used to them and did not seem to mind then or really even pay attention to them.

  2. Bradley had the hiccups pretty much from day one as he had them when I could first start to feel him. He had them at a minimum once a day but often more often than that. He does not have acid reflex even though his Grandpa has it really bad. Hopefully Baby Johnson does not get it either. Thanks for the update. I think this week’s blackboard is very neat idea. You are looking good!

  3. Maria, you are the most adorable preggers gal on the face of the planet right at this moment.

    I love the consistency of your blackboard updates, and I also love how in depth you describe your pregnancy experience. Though I’m considerably older than you (7 years, har-har), it’s definitely a good point of reference for if and when we get/try to get pregnant!

    The hiccups actually sound adorable.

    Love + aloha, Mae Xx //

    • Thanks, Mae! I’ve wanted to be keeping a journal the whole pregnancy so I can look back and remember what I was experiencing and when, but it really wasn’t until I started blogging again that I’ve been keeping up with it. I’m glad I started doing though and I’m glad you enjoy reading about my experience!

    • Thanks so much! That’s always so nice to hear. It’s getting harder and harder coming up with things to put on the sign though. Hopefully I have a few more weeks of creativity left in me!

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