Friday’s Letters

Dear Baby Boy, I promise we will find you a name before you are born! We have three-ish months left…it will happen! I never thought it would be so hard to decide. Meanwhile, please keep squirming around and dancing all the time as you have been–I absolutely love feeling you bounce around (although your daddy feels bad for you when you have the hiccups, haha)!

Dear sciatic nerve, stop it. Seriously.

Dear Abi’s lemon curd cheesecake, can you please get off my mind lately? I’m trying to eat healthy and not cave to cravings, but the thought of you makes it quite difficult.

Dear google calendar, thank you for helping me organize my life on the go, AND be able to color coordinate it as well. I still love having a written planner, but you make my life soooo much easier.

Dear apartment, haven’t you enjoyed being clean? Of course, as I sit and type this, you are in need of a ten (thirty?) minute tidy, but I think we both must agree that it has been quite nice around here lately. Let’s keep working on it, shall we?

Dear boss, I thought I mentioned this…but seeing as how I am seven months pregnant, can I please not be scheduled for 12 hour shifts? Even on regular days I am ready for a nap by four. I know we are short handed, but there’s gotta be something we can do about this. If I were a nurse or something, I could understand, but come on…I’m working retail.

Dear hiking, I really enjoyed last weekend. I hope to see more of you in the future. On the priority list you go!

On the way down from hiking Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

On the way down from hiking Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. I had horrible sciatic pain in my back when I was pregnant too. It went away as soon as the baby was born. You are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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