Baby Bump: Week 16-26

Baby Bump 16-26 Weeks

As I was putting these photos together, it suddenly struck me that TEN whole weeks had passed between the first picture we took and the last. Time has just been flying by. Everyone says that the older you get the faster time seems to go…and I definitely believe them now. I know as soon as this little baby boy makes his entrance everything is going to speed by even faster!

Since I’ve been completely lax about updating the blog  at all, let alone regarding my pregnancy, I figured I would put together a quick compilation of the last few months of baby bump photos to try and catch up. I’ll post them regularly from here on out (along with updates!), but as for the ones we have taken so far, this will have to do.

I got this chalkboard idea from pinterest, but the one pin that really stuck out to me was from this blog. Brinton and I searched high and low, near and far to try and find a chalkboard. Um, it was pretty much impossible. Maybe it is because we live on an island without any kind of real craft store, but the kind of chalkboard I was looking for was NOWHERE to be found. So, we improvised and tried to make one. It came out okay (I was somehow able to subdue the perfectionist in me and not start over), but I probably wont use it again after baby is born. When I have time to sit down and write a review of my experience with making the chalkboard, I’ll link it right here.

Anyway, I’m 28 weeks on Saturday and Brinton and I have a date night scheduled to create our next board. So exciting!

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