New Beginnings

Well…I disappeared. For the past few months I have been itching to blog and post things, but somehow time just gets away from me. Suddenly I realized it has been four whole months (yikes!) since I have sat down and written anything, which made me sad. Like, really sad. Of course, I also laughed at myself because my last blog post specifically says how I am going to “sit down that weekend and organize my blog.” In case you were wondering…that didn’t happen. Oops!

Life has been so busy! I admire all of you bloggers who are able to somehow work full time jobs (and yes that includes all of you amazing moms out there) and still post things regularly. I appreciate all of you as well, because when I come home from work too tired to get the motivation to write down the things that have been swimming around in my head all day, at least I have a lovely list of blogs I can go to and read while I unwind. I realized a few days ago though that I feel like something is missing from my day to day life, and I feel like it is this. Blogging. Writing. Being creative and sharing it with other people. Documenting our life with pictures and being able to see how life is evolving from week to week. So, I’m back! 

I have a lot to catch up on…my pregnancy (which has flown by and is now two-thirds of the way over), fun stuff that has been happening in the Johnson house, crafty things, nails nails nails, and awesome pictures of this amazing Hawaiian paradise that we live in. Brinton is getting really good with our camera, so I’m excited to be able to post his photos!

I’ll try not to suddenly flood the blog with a tsunami of posts, especially after such a long drought. No promises though…when the blogging bug bites, it bites hard!


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