May Favorites

I’m a few days late hopping on the “end of month favorites bandwagon,” but nevertheless I wanted to share some things I have loved this past month!

1. Sensationail 

I absolutely love this at home gel kit. I was a complete and total skeptic before trying it, but now I am re-obsessed with painting my nails. I wont go into a ton of detail here, but I am planning on positing a review of the kit in a later post. If I linked it right, when you click on the picture it should take you straight to the Sensationail webpage if you want to go explore!


2. My Brita filtered water bottle

I have been trying to drink as much water as I can lately and this bottle makes it so easy. It is lightweight, easy to fill, doesn’t leak, and it was inexpensive! I know there are a ton of filtered water bottles out there, but it was nice that I easily found this at my local Walmart and it was only a few dollars compared to the more expensive brands.


3. Masterchef has returned!!!

Brinton and I LOVE this show! I always love watching the amazing things people can create with food. After watching it we always try and get fancy in the kitchen…sometimes it is a success and sometimes…not so much. Masterchef is on FOX on Wednesday evenings (you’ll have to find out what time it broadcasts in your time zone…we always seem to have things air at strange times in Hawaii).


4. The Beach

Okay so maybe this is a favorite every month, but isn’t this picture fantastic?! Brinton snapped this photo a few weeks ago just after sunrise up on North Shore. Moments like that remind me how blessed I am to be living in such a beautiful place.

footprints in the sand BJJ

What were some of your favorites in May?


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