Friday’s Letters

Hawaii sunset Haiku Stairs

Dear Self,  See? I told you it was possible to be more diligent! February is off to a good start!

Dear Throat, I would really appreciate it if you stopped hurting already. I very much dislike feeling like I am swallowing knives. Ouch.

Dear Friday, you could not have come soon enough…this week has been a bummer.

Dear Birthday, we need to have a celebration do-over. Calling out sick from work and spending almost 3 hours in a doctor’s office is no way to celebrate turning 24.

Dear Next Weekend, Can you please, please, please get here already?! I have a feeling you are going to be awesome!

Dear Husband, as always, you are amazing. Thank you so much for always taking care of me.

Dear Hawaii, is it possible for you to be any more beautiful? You’re kind of amazing. (PS, this is a real life photo my husband took. Um, yeah…wow.)

Dear Sweet Season Blog, I love your blog. Linking up for the first time today! Woo!


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. How sucky about your birthday being spent sick and at the doctor’s office!! You definitely deserve a redo for sure! I hope that you get one filled with all the awesome things you were hoping for! 🙂

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